LEGO is a brand of construction toys for children. Designed in the 1940s, the colorful bricks are still popular today.

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Can you find Lego Batman at Toys R Us?

No, sadly Lego Batman ended years ago. LEGO Batman has been discontinued completely so neither the LEGO website or any other mass merchandiser carries LEGO Batman anymore. You're best bet would be eBay or Craig's List. With the exception of Star Wars, LEGO only carries a license agreement for 3 years which was the case for Batman. If another Batman movie comes out LEGO may opt in for a renewal at that time.

The new theme 'Lego Superheros' is now out. It should be available at Toys R Us stores.


Who is the green ninja in LEGO Ninjago?

Lloyd Garmadon is the green ninja in LEGO Ninjago, as learned in episode 10 "The Green Ninja".


Do they still make Lego Agents sets?

No, you can only find Lego Agents sets online. Sites like eBay or Amazon are the best.

Star Wars Movies

How do you build Lego Star Wars ship?

In the video game Lego Star Wars, in each level you have to get 10 canisters then the ship for that level will be complete.

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How can you fix error code 142024 NXT 1.0?

Download SD2, and it should work.

Saudi Arabia

Where to buy LEGO in Saudi Arabia?

You cannot buy Lego in Saudi Arabia because of a Danish newspaper drew the Muhammad cartoons which saudi hate them.

wholesale LEGO toys .anyone have interesting i can help you.thanks


How do you put the skirt on the Lego Hula Girl?

The same way you put Ventris's cloak on her in Lego set #7676. It has 2 little leg holes.


How do you unlock ghost in Lego battle?

Collect 15/15 minikits on the Wizard story.


How much does the LEGO magazine cost?

If you join the Lego Club, you can receive magazines for free! Sign up today from the Lego Club Website.

Cheat Codes

What is the code for Lego hero factory creep crushers?

You will need to purchase a Hero, then on the canister lid, there should be a code.


What Lego item is item number 4539962?

According to Amazon that would be the Space Police Gold Heist kit.

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What is LEGO's company symbol?

A red background with LEGO in White capitals

Salary and Pay Rates

How much does a master builder of legos make?

LEGO Master Builders usually get paid around 30 to 40k! Quite an Awesome job to have!


Where to buy Lego city twin towers?

I've made my own world trade center model out of lego and this is how I recommend you go about it.

Step 1- Determine how big you want the model to be,

Find a baseplate and work out how big, tall, wide you want it to be.

Step 2- Study

Look at pictures, videos and other people's models. This will help you get a better understanding of the pieces you need, what it looks like and how to build it.

Step 3- Organize Pieces

Determine what pieces you need organize them. If you don't have the desired pieces you can buy them at's pick a brick. This is where you can select pieces piece by piece and then purchase them.

Step 4- Layout

Lay the first pieces on the plate. Just the outlines of the buildings and roads.

Step 5- Build away

Start building up your towers.

Step 6- Details

Once you have the basic structure "buildings,roads,plaza" add small details such as trees, signs, the plaza sculpture, crosswalks and other small items that will make your model pop.


Your model won't be perfect at first so over time tweak and ajust it. I've been slowly adjusting and modifying my model over the last year and it just keeps getting better

Have fun building, hope this helped J


What country does LEGO come from?

LEGO is a toy company that was originally founded in Denmark.


Why are there giant Lego men washing up on beaches?

Some say, it is because different Lego enthusiasts from around the globe want to share their Lego love with different people. Others believe they were washed up because they were accidentally placed in the sea by Legoland builders. Nobody really knows.

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Where to get LEGO Hitler shirt?

A Lego Hitler shirt doesn't exist.

Word and Phrase Origins

Where did LEGOs get their name?

The word “LEGO” is a combination of the Danish words “leg” and “godt,” together meaning “play well.” This makes sense, The LEGO Group being a Danish toy company—what’s interesting is that originally, the company sold their trademark building blocks with the name “Automatic Binding Bricks.” At that point only sold in Denmark, the blocks’ English name was a tribute to the Allied Forces who liberated Europe and ended World War II. By 1953, they were given a new name: “LEGO Mursten,” or “LEGO Bricks,” and by 1955, they were being sold internationally.

Star Wars Movies

What Lego star wars set has the most pieces?

I think it is the full scale Millennium Falcon. Or the full scale Death Star.

I got the death star a while ago and it is really annoying to build. Takes SOOOOO LONG

It is the full scale Millenium Falcon that has the most peaices with over 5,000 lego bricks.

Masters of Business Administration MBA

How much does lego mba cost?

It costs $30 for the first kit and $60 for kits 2-6.


How do you save in Lego soccer mania?

For the PC, you need to go to options, then go save/load, then go into game files and select the profile you wish to save in. Remember, if you have a profile already, the game will auto save.

Star Wars Movies

How do you remove a Lego Star Wars mini figure from a key chain?

You use a pair of pliers to bend the ring attaching it to the chain. However you will not be able to remove the tiny metal loop from the mini figs head. Also be advised that the keychain mini figs differ from standard mini figs in other ways. They are made from a different plastic. And the arms and legs and hands and head are all glued together with a very special plastic glue, so they cannot be taken apart like regular mini figs.

Lego Video Games
LEGO Star Wars

How do you get all 1 million studs in Lego city in Lego star wars the complete saga?

you just unlock score X10, X2, X6, and score X8, and then it gives you score X3480 total, and then just get two 1,000s studs.This answer is actually incorrect - On the "Complete Saga" - Multipliers are LOCKED and cannot be used on the Bonus Levels.

Best advice is to do things in this order:

*Use the force on ANYTHING YOU CAN!


*Race ANY VEHCLES you can and some will allow you to collect a trail of Blue Studs


You MUST do the FORCE Section first or you can lose over 100,000 studs! I made this mistake!

NB: I have STILL NOT hit the magic Million but that's due to ignoring my own advice above!

you need to have an explosive character (bounty hunter)


Is there a Lego store in Vancouver BC?

Yes, it is located at Oakridge Centre - 650 West 41st Avenue; phone (604) 261-7747.


Where can you buy a LEGO custom gunship?

The best sites to purchase custom Lego sets, is from either Firestar or eBay.


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