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the fastests mile by a 14 year old is 4:15 by Lucas

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The fastest time for a 14 year-old to run a mile by Cody King in Gergory- Portland,etxas by 4 min. and 47 sec. ______________----------------------------------------____________________________ My mile time is 5:10 and I'm a freshmen ( 14 year old 15 in November). By PvtNinja

the fastest mile time for 14 year-olds is 5 minutes and 59 seconds

the fastest mile time run by a 13 year old was 4:26:93.... fastest mile ever ran to date was 4:04:4 by Glenn Cunningham in 1931

No. You have one of the fastest miles in the world already. The fastest woman's time in the world is 4 minutes 12.56 seconds. To get it under that would be amazing.The fastest man's time is 3:43.14.You'd be breaking the fastest woman's record in the world by 14 and nearly breaking the fastest man's record.Not impossible. But highly unlikely. A fourteen year old just doesn't have that type of stamina.

as a frosh soph mile, track runner, my best time was 6:05.

When I was 16 I ran a 4.54 mile for the webb city high track team I dont know if anyone my age has ran it faster.

The best 2 mile time for a 14 year old is 8min and 32 seconds

The fastest mile time for a 6 year old boy on record is for Joe O'Connor in 1973 running a 6:29.9 minute mile. Children under 13 are often grouped into a single competition.

It should take an average fourteen year old girl about eight minutes to run a mile.

7 minutes and i am a 12 year old... BEAT THAT OLDIES!

my daughter is 11 and runs the mile in 10:44 fastest in her school. When I was 10 yrs old I ran 9:39 fastest from Arizona!

The fastest mile ran by a 13 year old boy is 4.00.47 minutes

There is no 10 year old official record for the 1500m

The fastest mile time for a 60 year old is under 5mins. Paul Fletcher has just completed a unique triple Gold @ the European Championships, winning the 800m, 1500m & 10000m and is considered to be the fastest middle distance 60 year old, runner in the world in 2019. Having defeated both the 800m World Champion and 1500m World Champion in Italy.

a fastest time for a ten year old is no more then 8:35

I don't know. My son ran a 2 minute quarter mile today. This was his first attempt at the quarter mile.

3:43 seconds ran by a 14 year old kid.

The time in which an individual can run a mile is determined by their personal physical fitness. The fastest a 13 year old boy has ever run a mile is 3:55, by Jim Ryun. It is advised that one speak to their health professional before beginning an exercise program.

I'm a fourteen year old girl and I ran a 3.5 mile in 30 minutes. It kind of depends how old you are and how you're built.

i ran a 6:30 when i was 9...and im a girl...

My daughter is 12 and she can run a 6:39 mile but she is pretty fast for her age. She also plays travel soccer and that requires lots of conditioning and running. Even though she is pretty fast, I know for a fact that she is not the fastest girl at her school that is her age, but that is the fastest that I've heard of for a mile time.

2:11. that's how fast i can run a mile.Haha that is the fastest time to run a km ever man; you're lying!

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