What is the fastest seventh grade girls mile time?

that is not true my girlfriend,Robin Shumaker, who goes to school at pontotoc ms city school ran a 4:58 last night and her best is 4:42

Can't be true. Too fast for 7th grade. With a 4:42 in 7th grade, she's on track for the 2012 olympics. Jordan Hasay (current 12th grade phenom) only runs about a 4:32 mile, and she made the olympic trials finals last year.

Totally agree, 4:42 for 7th grade is physically impossible. World record is around 5:30.

My sister is Cory Mcgee and she is on a full ride at University of Florida and her time is around a 4:44 and she is only a freshman and i am in seventh grade and my mile time is around a 5:44 and improving. This is definatly not true so stop lieing to make yourself and friend feel good about yourself.