What is the fastest speed ever recorded in a drag race?

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National (USA) 1/4 mile Drag Racing records are:
Top Fuel Dragster 4.42 seconds at 336 mph and Funny Car 4.65 at 333 mph.

Jet powered cars and trucks are fast but are not "official" classes competed at regular events...
Jet dragster records: jet semi-truck at 7.42 and 218 mph and jet cars often run under 5 seconds and over 330 mph. The cars often race side by side, but the trucks do not...

Rocket cars powered by fuels such as Hydrogen Peroxide or superheated water and steam, etc., are generally the fastest of all 1/4 mile racers by far, but are uncommon now and do not really "race" as they are exhibition vehicles or experimental...

Rocket statistics:
Sammy Miller ran the 1/4 mile in 3.58 seconds at 386 mph in 2002.
Deaf stunt woman Kitty O'Neill (the movie about her is "Silent Victory") covered a standing start 1/4 mile in 1977 in incredible 3.235 seconds at 412 mph. I believe this was on a desert race course, not a paved race track, and as such there was a lot more shut down area... and alot more camels.

There is a "Swissrocketman" car running in the low 3's at over 450 mph. This organization is involved in rocket powered bicycles, go karts, and wearable rocket belts...Of course, still in the course of production.
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What is the fastest pitch ever recorded?

The top 5 fastest Pitches ever recorded were... 1. John Smoltz...............112 mph 2. Nolan Ryan................106 mph 3.Eric Sjoberg................104 mph 4.Joel Zumaya................103 mph 5.Armando Benitez.........102 mph

What is the fastest serve ever recorded?

Fastest Tennis Serve Ever Andy Roddick set the record for fastest serve in a match by whipping one 155 mph Friday night in Davis Cup play. Andy Roddick matched his own new record with his serve against Stefan Koubek. By John Spivey, AP The American did it in the eighth game of a 6-4, 6-4, 6-2 ( Full Answer )

What is the fastest thing ever recorded?

Tachyon is the fastest thing ever because its slowest velocity is the speed of light! Light is the fastest thing that can be seen.

What is the fastest speed ever recorded by an airplane?

Guinness World Records recognized NASA's X-43A scramjet with a new world speed record for a jet-powered aircraft - Mach 9.6, or nearly 7,000 mph. Answer The fastest speed was recorded by an unmanned aircraft called X-43. It can reach the speed of almost 7460 miles per hour. The fastest manned aircr ( Full Answer )

What is fastest recorded speed of an earthquake?

Seismic wave velocity is mostly dependent on the material they travel through (things like magnitude do not affect wave velocity). As the earth is relatively uniform, there is virtually no deviation in earthquake 'speed'. (Wave velocity will differ depending on phase, depth, etc. - but that's differ ( Full Answer )

What is the fastest boat speed ever?

Australian Ken Warby set the record in 1978 when he averaged 317.60 mph in a 27-foot jet-powered hydroplane called "Spirit of Australia." The official speed test, which consists of two back-to-back runs over a one-kilometer straight-away, took place on Blowering Dam in New South Wales, Australia..

What is the fastest racing car speed ever reached?

Andy Green racing for top speed did it at Black Rock Desert in Nevada on October 15th 1997 with a speed of 763.035mph.-------------A little more info for speed freaks: The fastest "Production car", I thought was the Bugatti Veyron, I was right/wrong so to speak, the Bugatti was the fastest (253mph) ( Full Answer )

Who has the fastest car speed record?

The ThrustSSC record was achieved by British RAF pilot Andy Green on 15 October 1997. It was set in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada, USA. (763 mph) . http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Land_speed_record

What is the fastest recorded horse speed?

The American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) website lists the ten fastest times for the quarter mile (440 yards). http://racing.aqha.com/racing/dyn_content.aspx?FQD=http://www.aqha.com/aqharacing.com/events/allamerican/fastesttimes.html. The fastest time was set by No Secrets Here in 2006, :20.88 ( Full Answer )

What is the fastest drag racing car?

currently Nhra Top Fuel Dragster (4.42@336mph 1/4mile)(3.735@332mph 1000'), fastest time ever record on a drag strip was 3.86@386mph rocket powered funny car at santa pod dragstrip in 1984, before rcoket cars were banned. Fastest quater mile time(not on a drag strip) was at El Mirage, rocket power d ( Full Answer )

Fastest race horse ever?

I would have to say Secretariat. He holds several unbroken records, which is saying alot compared to all the technology and research we have now that is used for breeding faster horses.

Fastest car ever recorded?

brabus tkr 270miles per hour =ANSWER= Thrust SST exceeded the speed of sound on the Black ROck desert and still holds the record.

What is the fastest recorded speed for a cheetah?

I know this may not quite answer your question, but the average cheetah's sprinting speed is from 70-75! I you know the exact answer please please add on to this answer and erase this last sentence!

Who is the fastest human ever recorded?

Usain Bolt is fastest human recorded in history He holds the current world record of 9.58 seconds for the 100m sprint, taken on 16th August 2009 in Berlin, Germany.

What is the fastest bike speed recorded?

Fastest speed what? With an UCI-approved bike, anything human-powered, downhill on a MTB, descending on a road bike, on the flat solo, on the flat behind a pace vehicle?

Fastest recorded speed of a baseball?

The fastest baseball ever thrown in a real b ball game was a throw to first base recorded at a speed of 113 mph. ( that is what i heard)

What is the fastest bat speed ever recorded in the major leagues?

bryce Harper was swinging the bat 113 mpr his sophmore year in hs he now plays for the nationals I would say barry bonds. He had tremendous bat speed to turn on a 101 mph fastball inside. He pulled it foul and hit in the water at at&t park

What is the fastest song ever recorded?

Moby's "Thousand" has the Guinness World Record for the fastest song (even though it doesn't maintain the 1000 bpm mentioned in the title throughout the song), however, some speedcore bands have surpassed 1000 bpm.

What was the fastest recorded speed of an animal?

The fastest recorded speed of any animal is the Peregrine Falcon.Several years ago KenFranklin a Falconer from the United States,And his Female Peregrine frightful,skydived together from around 12000ft,Ken let go of a weighted lure,and frightful took off after it at an astonishing speed,185mph to be ( Full Answer )

What is the fastest speed ever recorded for a racing greyhound?

The fastest greyhound time recorded over a race distance of 515 metres or 563 yards is 28.88 secs by the Australian "wonder dog" Brett Lee trained by Darren Mcdonald from Peacedale (Victoria) in the final of the Adelaide Cup, a Group 1 race held at Angle Park (January 25, 2001), South Australia, (tr ( Full Answer )

What was the fastest speed ever reached?

That question is not very specific. The answer in general is the speed of light. A better question would be to specify what object or thing in respect to what, like what was the fastest speed ever achieved by a manned land vehicle.

What is the fastest race horse ever and what was the speed?

Secretariat was able to reach a top speed of 49 mph. This is not really a question that can be answered. Different raceshave different distances and are run over different types of tracks(grass or dirt) under different conditions. Technically youconsider the speed of a horse by how fast he runs a ( Full Answer )

What is the record speed of the fastest pitch ever thrown in womans softball?

There is no "official" record for the fastest softball pitch. Here are some of the reputed records after a search of various archives: . Guinness is supposed to have clocked a softball pitch at 68.9 miles per hour. . National Pro Fastpitch (NPF), a women's professional softball league, claims that ( Full Answer )

What is the fastest recorded speed of a bike?

Oh, there are plenty. Question can't be answered unti you specify under which conditions you want the record: - unassisted, over one hour, on something like a "standard" road bike - unassisted in a human powered vehicle (a recumbent with a streamlined body) - unassisted, downhill - riding in the wa ( Full Answer )

What is the fastest plane ever recorded?

the sr-71 lockheed blackbird is the fastest plane recorded. it goes mach 3(3x the speed of sound). it has no weapons on it but is used as a spy plane.

Fastest speed ever in finke desert race?

The only moto cross bike accurately measured was clocked at 184 kmh. Buggies and Trucks have an estimated top speed around 220 to 230 kmh.

What is the fastest NASCAR speed ever?

Bill Elliott, 212 miles per hour at the Talladega qualifying in 1986. Rusty Wallace also tested at Talladega for NASCAR in 2004 in an unrestricted car (no restrictor plate) and achieved a top speed of 228 MPH, and a one-lap average of 221 MPH.

What is the fastest record for speed stacks?

3 seconds approx ................................................................................................................................................. THE FASTEST RECORD FOR SPEED STACKS in 2010 in WSSA FOR 3 INDIVIDUAL ALL AROUND: ((3-3-3) + (3-6-3) + (Cycle) times) . First ( Full Answer )

Is a drag racing car the fastest thing on earth?

It depends what you define as "fastest". Dragsters, specifically the top fuel dragster can have up to 8000hp. They are, bar NOTHING the fastest ACCELERATING vehicle on the planet. But, things such as rockets will make a higher top speed.

What is the fastest horse racing record?

I know what horse holds the world record,but not the actual record. If you want to know the record for the horse ,go to google and type in "secratariet".

What is the fastest lion speed ever recorded?

It's difficult to accurately measure the speed of the worlds fastest lion, because there is no way to measure the speed of every lion in the wild. Most sources say 50mph so using logic, no lion has run more than 55mph tops...

What is the fastest recorded speed for a tornado?

The fastest traveling speed on record for a tornado is 73 miles perhour, recorded with the Tri-State tornado of 1925. The fastest windspeed recorded in a tornado was 302 miles per hour, measured in theOklahoma City tornado of 1999.