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The fastest time anyone has ever beaten Pikmin is nine in-game days.

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2010-05-12 21:16:21
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Q: What is the fastest time you can beat Pikmin?
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What happens if none of your Pikmin die in the Pikmin games and you beat it?

If none of your Pikmin die in the Pikmin games and you beat it nothing happens other than beating the game.

How do you beat adult sheargrubs in pikmin 2?

throw pikmin

What is the fastest way to beat Pikmin 2?

It is best to try to enter as many caves as possible, as quickly as possible. This is where most of the treasure in the game is, and this will help you to pay off your debt. The shortest time it has ever taken someone to get every treasure in Pikmin 2 is eight in-game days.

What mode do you go to unlock challenge mode?

In Pikmin 2, you just get "The Key". In Pikmin 1 and I believe Pikmin 3, you have to beat the game.

How do you beat Pikmin on the first day?

You can't. Besides there not being enough time in the in-game day, the necessary ship parts are scattered across five areas, and one can only visit one area per day. The fastest possible time to beat Pikmin in is about 9 in-game days. The longest amount of time is 30 days. If you surpass the 30 day time limit (in-game time, not real life time), you will view a different ending depending on how much treasure you have collected.

How many Pikmin can you have in the field at a time in Pikmin?

Up to 100 Pikmin can be outside at a time. This includes wild Pikmin of colors you haven't discovered yet.

What is the fastest time to beat pokemon black?

My friend beat it in under a week.

How do you kill the final boss on pikmin?

If you mean the Emperor Bulblax, he can be a toughie. I once saw a guy on YouTube beat him with not a single Pikmin death! In fact, he beat the whole game in 9 days with out 1 Pikmin dying! Anyway, use mostly Red Pikmin, the more with flowers the better. Also use Bomb-rocks. I lost 198 Pikmin on this fight, hopefully you can do better!

What is the fastest time to beat on a rubik cube?

5.66 seconds

Does Pikmin 2 have a time limit?

Unlike the first Pikmin, Pikmin 2 does not involve a time limit. Thus, the game has a more relaxed pace than its predecessor.

How do you beat Pikmin 2?

To beat Pikmin 2, you need to pay off Hocotate Freight's 10,000 Poko debt. To complete the game (which could also be called beating it), you need to gather all the treasure.

What are white pikmin?

White Pikmin are the fifth type of Pikmin introduced, first found in Pikmin 2. They are the second smallest type of Pikmin, and by far the fastest of them. They are poisonous, which gives them immunity to poison hazards and causes damage to enemies that eat them. They have no Onion, and reproduce solely through Ivory Candypop Buds, found in some underground caves. They appear in Pikmin 3 only in Mission Mode and Bingo Battle.

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