What is the fear of chicken?

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the fear of chicken is called alektorophobia
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What is fear?

F.E.A.R is a group on roblox it is an elete squadran of people and please add ironmonger7899

What you do when you fear?

Close your eyes and take a deep breath to keep fear away. Try to gather strength to fight the fear.

What phobia is the fear of fear?

We use the term phobophobia to name the fear of fear or of phobias. (The word phobia comes from the Greek for fear .)

What are chickens?

Chickens are a domesticated bird that are raised for meat and eggs.They are often kept by individuals at home for the same reasons.

What is a chicken?

A chicken is a bird that is commonly raised on a farm. They come in both a large (standard) and small size (bantam). They lay eggs and are probably the number one source of common nutrition to humans on earth..

What is the name for the fear of fear?

Check this out: http://www.phobia-fear-release.com/being-afraid-fear.htmlThey call it "being-afraid-fear"The name for the fear of fear is phobophobia.

What is fear of chickens?

When you are afraid of chickens. ( I think I might have it{I still have nightmares about Foghornleghorn})

What do people fear?

Many people are scared of different things, do NOT delete any answers, but feel free to add some of your fears. Needles Ghosts Spiders Dogs Clowns Random creepy images Stalkers Clowns Weird Noises

What do teenagers fear?

they fear drugs,drinking dropping out,pregancy gangs violence in the schools, sexually transmitted diseases,suicide and AIDS

What is the fear of relationships?

Fear of relationships just means someone wants 2 stay single and enjoy life or they may be afraid of what might happen if they try 2 actrully commit 2 something, OR they may be like me and just be afraid to get hurt-

Is there a fear of bandaids?

yes... im terrified... i cant look touch come near them... even talkin about them. i dont mind like other medical things such as gauges and tape but not bandaids. yes... im terrified... i cant look touch come near them... even talkin about them. i dont mind like other medical things such as gauges ( Full Answer )

What rhymes with fear?

Gear, shear, deer, near, hear, we're, beer, clear, dear, here, jeer, leer, mere, peer, queer, rear, sear, steer, smear, tear (as in crying), veer, we're, adhere, ear, veneer, pier (as in the boat dock), peer, Words and phrases that rhyme with fear : 1 syllable: beare, beer, bere, briere ( Full Answer )

Where is the chicken?

In the barnyard,in the chicken coop, on the fence across the road and in the haystack looking for spiders.

How do you not have fear?

There is less danger on fighting than on fleeing. The most salutary fleeing is the forward one. The fear turned into courage.

Where is chicken from?

The wild chicken or Gallus Gallus originated in the jungles of Asia and northern India. Gallus Domesticus is said to have originated from the Red Jungle Fowl and possibly the Gray Jungle Fowl.

When is a chicken not a chicken?

When it's still an egg. When it's devoured by a campfire. When it's a rooster, fighting for it's territory with another rooster.

Why do you have fear?

i have fear because god gave it to me... and all of us have fear.. FEAR is a challenge fromgod!!

Who said we have no fear but fear it self.?

In his inaugural speech, President Franklin D. Roosevelt said (referring to the crippling economic Depression), "We have nothing to fear but fear , itself!"

What is the fear of fears known as?

PANTOPHOBIA Main Entry: . pantophobia. Part of Speech: . n . Definition: . a fear of everything; also called panphobia. Etymology: . Greek pantos 'all'.

Why do you have fears?

Most fears were based on surviving, like being scared of snakes probably helped our ancestors survive. Random fact: Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia:The fear of long words! there are rational fears and irrational fears, if you think your flight is going to crash then that is unreasonable. ( Full Answer )

What is the fear of having others fear you?

Well I would have to say if you have a fear of others fearing you than you are probably afraid of losing friends or maybe making the wrong kinds of friends and creating enemys. The problem with having others fearing you is that many people would relay on you to show up at a fight if there ever is on ( Full Answer )

What is there to fear but fear itself?

The most famous phrase from Franklin D. Roosevelt's first inaugural address in March 1933 "... the only thing we have to fear is fear itself..." was an adaptation of American writer Henry David Thoreau's musings of "Nothing is so much to be feared as fear" in a1852 book. Franklin and aides had the b ( Full Answer )

A ------------ of chicken?

If you want to ask what a group of chickens is called then the answer is a flock.

Where do you get chickens?

At your local hatchery or breeder, search them up on the net. i love chickens. GOOD LUCK :-)

How do you have no fear?

Impossible, everyone has at least 1 fear and many have ones they don't know about, I originally thought I only had arachnophobia, then realised my fear of being trapped is Claustrophobia, now I know I have all these: Arachnophobia - slight Fear of spiders Claustrophobia - acute Fear of small space ( Full Answer )

What can you fear?

You can fear many things, and only some of these fears arerecognised. To see a list of phobias, or fears, click on therelated link below.

How do you get chicken?

you get eggs by just hens but in order to get a chick you need a rooster to breed with a hen. then when it lays an egg it might be fertile. It takes about 21 days until the chick actually hatches.

How do you get fear?

when we feel that to be,,we are in trouble or want something actually..and the reasons are many

Who feared the Aztec's?

The Aztecs where feared by the Spanish when the Spanish had arrived. This is because they didn't have reinforcements. Also the Chichimec tribes and the Apachean Tribes. NOTE: All of the minor tribes feared them because they didn't have power or good military.

What does Romeo fear?

love? Romeo doesn't seem to be afraid of that. Actually there isn't much that Romeo is afraid of.

What does no fear mean?

There are different meanings but the main two are: no fear = heckno. And screaming no fear before doing something completely stupid.Remember, there is no such thing as "no fear" fear can only becontrolled.

When do you have fears?

When you have thoughts concerning self preservation. When your perception you have of control over your own life is sublimated by the perception that someone or something else has taken control.

Who does Demeter fear?

The Goddess Demeter fears the God of the underworld who had kidnapped her daughter, Persephone!

What are chickens for?

Chickens are used for egg production and for meat. Some chickens are also used as pets.

Where do you get chicken from?

Give you're local hardware store a call and ask them if they carry chickens, most hardware stores sell chicks at a certain time, if not, some online stores sell them and send them to a seers or Atwood's.

Do hippos have a fear?

Hippos are between the most fearless animals- actually they are only afraid of lion prides and elephants. A lion pride can take down any animal, except from a big bull elephant. Elephants move hippos out of their way, whether they meet on land or in the river. There are videos in youtube with elepha ( Full Answer )

What is the connotation of fear?

a connotation of fear is fright. From where comes the fear? Fear is always be created by himself. It is human creation.Very easy to understand, when a man gets huge money. He will enter in fear. Every people seems to him as a snatcher of his wealth or killer. People start to employ bodyguards for hi ( Full Answer )

What can you do about bedtime fears?

well, there are a few things you could about bedtime fears: . you could read a book, an interesting one that you like . the one that works the most is to think about your happiest time and/ or happiest place, that can take away your fears and make you sleep peacefully. . or if you have a TV in ( Full Answer )

How can fear be good for you?

Fear is good when it stimulates you to perform at your best, such as fear of failing a test will drive you to study harder, or fear of getting into an accident will force you to drive safely, or say overcoming fear of heights. It's when fear becomes chronic or causes stress and anxiety that it is ( Full Answer )

There is nothing to fear but it fear itself?

That is completely true. There is nothing to fear. That is completely false. Lot of things are worthy of fear and we should be thankful that we have the finely tuned genetic capability of doing so.

How can you do chicken?

The way to do the chicken is to go to China and find a plant called the chickster and bring it to the US and plant it anywhere in Washington and wait three seconds do the chicken dance and the plant will grow and baby chickens will start to appear.

What is the function of fear and how do you learn fear?

I found out that this gave much more meaning when we changed perspective of the question into: How to learn courage and become more fearless? Which in the answer would be that courage is not a LACK of fear, but merely facing your fear to realize that there is nothing to be afraid of: thus the f ( Full Answer )

Why does Macbeth claim to fear no fear?

He hears the shrieks of women (as they discover that Lady Macbeth is dead) and it doesn't bother him slightly. "I have forgot the taste of fear", he muses. This is not a good thing, and he knows it.