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It's usually any fees previously owed and the replacement price of the movie.

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Q: What is the fee if a movie rented from Blockbuster is lost?
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How much money is it to rent a DVD from blockbuster?

for a new movie. The fee is about 10 dollars about a month.

How much is a late fee at Blockbuster?

The late fee for movies is $1 per day over due.

Where can one download the movie Transporter 1?

There is no where you can legally download Transporter 1 for free you. Although, with services like Netflix and Blockbuster you can stream it for a low monthly fee.

What is the quality of Blockbuster Online as compared to similar or competing services such as Netflix?

Blockbuster online does not have a monthly fee like netflix does. Netflix offers movies, pretty much the same movies as Blockbuster Online, but while using Netflix you have to pay a monthly fee. Also, when using the Blockbuster Online tool you can have newer movies unlike the Netflix where the movies you can get are generally 6-8 months old before you can get them.

Is there an insurance fee usually involved for camera rentals?

Depending on where you have rented the camera, there may be an insurance fee in order to claim liability for the camera.

If you canceled a lease and paid the cancellation fee can the rental company make you pay for the rent until the unit is rented?

Why do they have a cancellation fee? so you can cancel the rental. Tell them to take a hike.

Can the landlord charge the tenant a fee for breaking the lease if the apartment is rented again in few days?

This depends upon whether that fee is quoted on your lease when you signed it. It is not there, then landlord cannot charge you because he rented the apartment quickly after you left. However he may be able to keep your security deposit if you broke your lease. If there was a lease, the terms are generally such that you are responsible for the rent for any month that the apartment is vacant from the time you vacate the apartment to the time the lease ends OR the apartment is rented out, whichever comes first. Since the landlord did not suffer any damage by breaking the lease - he rented out the unit just a few days that you left - there shouldn't really be any reason for him to charge a fee. But if that is stated on your lease then he has the right to do so.

Val rented a bicycle while she was on vacation. She paid a flat rental fee of $55.00, plus $8.50 each day. The total cost was $123. Which equation can you use to find the number of days she rented the bicycle?

123 - 55.00 = 68 8.50x = 68

Is an at fault party's insurance company responsible for paying insurance charges for a rental in addition to the rental fee?

No, they do not have to insure your rented vehicle. You have too.

How do you get a lost car title in Texas?

go to the dmv and fill out the form for a lost title. there is a fee for this tho.

What is a contigency fee?

A contingency fee is the payment that a lawyer will receive from a client if he wins their case. If the case is lost then no fee is paid to the lawyer.

Is Sherlock Holmes 2 on Netflix?

Sherlock Holmes 2 is listed on Netflix, but is set as "Unknown release data" as Netflix is screwing us all over on all the good movies. Go to blockbuster, they got the movie the day it came out. Just watch the late fee.

You lost your Big Six Pass you need to know the fee?

The fee varies from park to park. Call the park where you purchased your Big 6 Pass to verify the fee for replacement.

Can a person demand a fee for returning a lost wallet?

From how I see it. No. You could have stolen it and after a few hours say you found it and depand a fee.

Can you get your lost tin number online?

You can get your lost tin number, but in most cases you will need to pay a fee for this. You will need to pay a non-refundable fee to an online database and try to see whether it has your tin number.

How long does Redbox charge you for a movie?

Depending on what type of item you rented from Redbox, the normal charge is $1.00 - $1.50 per day. This price varies based on whether you rent a DVD, a game or a Blueray. After you rent a movie, it is due back by 9:00 p.m. the following day. If you fail to return your item, Redbox will continue to charge your credit card the daily fee until you return the movie or for a maximum of 20 days. If you never returned an item, you would just be charged the maximum fee which is around $24 or $25.

What are portable offices and how do they work?

Portable offices are usually rented office spaces on wheels. To obtain one, you usually pay a fee to rent and use it weekly or monthly.

How do you write a letter to lost your fee's card?

Try using better grammer.

Lost pass elitches?

If you lost your season pass atElitch gardens, fee and valid I.D is required if you want a new one.

Mad gab paper fume ooh fee?

paper fume ooh fee= pay per view movie

What is the price range for Netflix DVD rentals?

Netflix runs on a monthly membership fee basis. The current membership fee is $7.99 a month. For that fee the customer can rent and view as many movies or TV shows available as many times as they want. Depending on the amount of movies or TV shows rented the cost per will be higher or lower.

Can bail bondsman charge a fee if he revoked you?

Yes. He put his moneyup for you, didn't he? In simple terms you 'rented' his money for your cash bond, for which he is entitled to payment for the length of time he had it 'at risk.'

If you were to play a game do you have to pay game rentals?

If someone were to play a game, that they bought from a store they would not have to pay rentals. If it were rented from a company similar to GameFly then a monthly fee would have to be paid.

You have to take defensive driving but you lost your court papers what can you do?

The Clerk of the Court can - sometimes for a modest fee - provide a copy of any court papers you lost.

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There are several online sites where laptops can be rented from for a small nominal fee. These sites include Rent-A-Center, Rentacomputer, Rent Our Laptops, Rentex, and Smart Source.