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What is the fewest number of pitches pitched during a no hitter nine innings?

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Fewest Number of PitchesThe answer is 81. If the pitcher was to throw a no hitter and strike everyone out. Each person has three strikes. There are three outs alloted for an inning. Nine pitches thrown in an inning times the nine innings equals 81.

Edit: First, You did not answer the question, as you are referring to a hypothetical situation. The question asked for the name of the player who achieved a no-hitter in the least amount of pitches. Secondly, although I do not know the answer, your hypothetical situation is still wrong. A pitcher could achieve a no-hitter in 27 pitches. If the opposing team's batters swung on every pitch and grounded or flew out, that would be 3 pitches (outs) an inning times nine innings for a total of 27.

Edit #2: It could be as few as 24 if the home team was ahead in the middle of the ninth. --Jorge

Non-hypothetical answer: The record is 58 pitches, by Red Barrett of the Boston Braves in a nine-inning 2-0 complete game against the Cincinnati Reds on August 10, 1944. This is also the shortest recorded pro Baseball game. -ThanksForAsking

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For Major League pitchers who have pitched a complete game what is the record for fewest pitches?

27 pitches.

What was the fewest pitches in a single game?

Charlie Barrett 1944 58 pitches!

Fewest number of pitches in a single inning?

3 by Nolan Ryan

What is the fewest number of pitches thrown in a perfect game?


What is the fewest number of pitches actually thrown in a regular baseball game by a single pitcher?

On many occasions, a relief pitcher has come into the game, then been substituted without ever throwing even one pitch, so the answer to the question as worded is 0. The fewest pitches in a Major League game by a pitcher who pitched a complete game is 44, accomplished by Charlie Barrett.

What was the fewest number of pitches to complete a half inning?

3, many times.

What is the fewest number of balls thrown in a complete game by one pitcher in the major leagues?

I don't know what the ACTUAL fewest number of pitches is, but the fewest POSSIBLE is 27, one for each batter.

What is the fewest possible outs in a baseball game?

Somewhat of a trick question: the fewest outs will also be, with maybe one exception, the most outs. There are three outs per innings per side, this makes for six outs in an inning. There are a total of nine innings. this suggests that there are 54 outs in a baseball game, provided all innings are played. In some versions of the game, if the last side to bat has already won the game they can elect to not bat that innings, therefore making the fewest possible outs in a baseball game 51 instead.

What pitcher made the fewest pitches in one inning?

There are many pitchers who have made the fewest pitches in one inning. Three. Each batter swung at the first pitch and it resulted in an out. It still happens today, although it's usually four to six.

What pitcher has pitched a perfect game of only 27 pitches?

In the history of Baseball, as of the 2012 Major League Baseball (MLB) season, 21 perfect games ("27 up, 27 down") have been thrown - 19 of which have been thrown in the Modern Era. Of these 21 perfect games thrown, none has been pitched with only 27 pitches being thrown. On record, the fewest pitches thrown in a perfect game was 74 pitches thrown by Addie Joss of the Cleveland Naps against the Chicago White Sox on October 2, 1908.

What is the fewest amount of pitches thrown in a baseball game?

Charley "Red" Barrett of the Boston Braves threw a grand total of 58 pitches in a MLB game on 1944 August 10.

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Which baseball pitcher had the fewest pitches ever in a game?

I'm sure it's 1, but I can't think of any particular instances of that. One strange instance that sticks out in my mind was during the 2011 World Series, when Tony LaRussa made a pitching change and called Lance Lynn in from the bullpen. Lynn faced one batter, intentionally walked him, and then another pitching change was made. If you're talking about complete games by starting pitchers, Charley "Red" Barrett of the Boston Braves only needed 58 pitches to go all 9 innings on August 10, 1944.

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What in the hell is a "crikate?" Is it a form of martial arts practiced by small noise making insects? No wonder no one's answered this question!

What was the fewest pitches thrown by one pitcher in a full nine inning complete game?

Fifty-eight pitches, Red Barret of the Boston Braves against the Cinncinati Reds in a 2-0 complete game shutout, 1944.

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Who is the Baseball pitcher with Fewest pitches ever in a game?

Red Barrett Fifty-Eight Pitch Complete Game | August 10, 1944 at Crosley Field

What was the fewest pitches ever in a Major League game by a single team?

In 1944, Charley "Red" Barrett of the Boston Braves threw only FIFTY-EIGHT pitches during a nine inning complete game. Barrett's Braves shutout the Reds 2 - 0 and the game set major league records for least number of pitches known to have been thrown by a single pitcher in a complete game and shortest game played at night.

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What are the fewest number of pitches before removed from game?

several times a starting pitcher has been removed after throwing only one pitch (usually due to injury).

Fewest pitches thrown by greg maddux in a complete game?

According to Jayson Stark in an article dated August 17, 2006 the fewest pitches thrown by Greg Maddux in a complete game is 78, set on July 22, 1997. In the same article he states that Maddux has thrown a total of 6 games with a pitch count under 90 ( a 78, an 82, an 86, an 88 and 2 89's

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