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It's name is "The Horse"

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Q: What is the fight song of shippensburg university?
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When was Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania created?

Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania was created in 1871.

Where did dean koontz go to college?

He went to Shippensburg State College, which is now Shippensburg University.

What is the minimum GPA needed to get into shippensburg?

Shippensburg University is a public university in Pennsylvania. The minimum GPA for admissions is 3.16 with 81% out of 6,402 applicants being admitted.

Is shippensburg university a Division 2 school?


What is the Best college fight song?

" Hail to the Victors ", the fight song of the University of Michigan.

What is the Taylor university fight song?

Its called Song of the Vagabonds. Its my favorite fight song of any school.

What is Tuskegee university fight song?


What is the name of the fight song for the university of Michigan?

Hail to the Victors It was our high school fight song that is why I know

What is the name of a college fight song for the University of Kansas?

The name of one of the college fight songs of the university of Kansas is "I'm a Jayhawk". This college fight song from the university of Kansas was made on October 2010 by Matt Schoenfeld.

Where is the Shippensburg Public Library in Shippensburg located?

The address of the Shippensburg Public Library is: 73 W King St, Shippensburg, 17257 1224

What is the fight song for Missouri University of Science and Technology?

The Missouri University of Science and Technology fight song is "Fight Miners". Find the lyrics at

What famous college fight songs are there?

Every college has a unique song or cheer for their football teams. The University of Hawaii's fight song is called 'Co-Ed Fight Song'. Bowling Green State University's song is called 'Forward Falcons'.