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What is the file extension for IPOD application files?

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An applet is a Java application, this saves files in a .class extension

it indicates the file type and is used by the application to recognize files

.ppt is the file extension for power point files

The default file extension for notepad is .txt. However, you can designate notepad as the primary application for any extension.

A compiled Help File in Windows will have the extension .chp

There is list of programs that support DO file extension


Java source files have the .java extension, compiled Java class files have the .class extension.

A file that has .xls, .xlsx, .xlsm as file extension then it is known as excel file.

Java source files have the .java extension, compiled Java class files have the .class extension.

TXT files are plain text files. They are very basic documents with minimal formatting. They can be opened and edited with notepad, wordpad, or any other word processor application.

The main project file has a VBPROJ extension. This is also a file with the same name as the main project file, but with an SLN extension. The SLN extension is a solution file.

No part. The file extension (or suffix) can be used for this purpose, however there's no guarantee the file's extension matches the file's type and it won't tell you which application created the file. For instance, JPG files can be created by any image editing application, but the extension alone won't tell you which specific image editor created the file. And if you change a file's extension this won't change the file's type. A JPG is still a JPG even if you give it a BMP extension. File extensions are typically used to associate file types with specific applications and to sort files by type. However, the actual type can only be determined by opening the file itself and examining the file's header if it has one. Plain text files do not have headers, but most other "documents" do, including JPGs. The header may also identify which specific application created the file.

video files (mpg file extension, MPEG file format). It is the same video file format. You can use booth file extensions.

Answer: PRF (Personnel Readiness File/Folder) files are used in technical application and are not likely to be accessed by your average PC user. In general, PRF files are Windows system files, although they have other technical applications as well.

There is no specific file extension for MS-DOS. Files can have any 3 character extension in MS-DOS.

A file name extension consists of three or more characters following the dot in the file name ,the extension identifies the files type and indicates the program in which the file was created.

The file extention of any application on a computer is: '.exe' .exe = simply means executable.

The file association between a data a file and an application is determined by the file extension. A program associated with a file extension is called its default program.

DAT files is commonly called VCD. you can a tool to convert this files to iPod files.

The CSS file extension is reserved for files that contain Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) source.

a file viewer is when u open ur files

The database file extension are the letters that follow dot (full stop) of the file name that signify the application used to create the file name.

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