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What is the fine for speeding 41 on a 30 speed limit?


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its $270 driving over the limit.

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In most places, 30 mph over the speed limit is considered reckless driving and could result in very high penalities.The fine will depend on the jurisdiction issuing the ticket.

It is important to drive the speed limit, it is there to keep all drivers safe. A person speeding 30 miles over the speed limit can cost a person their license and up to $250.

It is very important for everyone's safety to drive the speed limit posted. If a person is caught speeding they can pay $300 or more for 15+ over the limit. They can also lose their license.

A speeding ticket in California for going 86 mph on the freeway in a 65 mph speed limit varies from $180-$200. The fine can be reduced by going to a drivers training class by $30.

The minimum penalty for speeding is 3 points on your licence and £100 fine. When your speed exceeds the limit by 45% or more (such as 51mph in a 30mph), you are at risk of losing your licence.

if you get a speeding ticket in New York, it can cost anywhere from $45 to $600 dollars. If you are speeding 25 mph over the limit, the fine will be between $90 and $300, which is the range for speeding from 11 to 30 mph over the limit. It will also get you 4 points on your license.

huge fine. that's 30 miles over the posted speed limit. that's a felony and you can be arrested. you got off lucky if all you got was a speeding ticket.

Excessive speeding is not given a fine. Going 40 miles per hour above the speed limit will definitely require you to appear in court. More than likely you will be charged with reckless endangerment and have your license suspended or revoked.

That varies state to state and county to county, speeding in most cases is a minor offense, however, how much you go over the speed limit can make the fine more expensive and how many points go on your driver's license. So for speeding tickets in general, there is no exact amount. If the officer that pulls you over decides that your speeding was just ridiculously over the speed limit (perhaps 30+ over), they can take you to jail and charge you with reckless driving, which in Indiana is a Class B Misdemeanor (again varies on your area). Class A is the highest misdemeanor and Class D is the lowest.

In NSW Australia the fine for exceeding the speed limit by more then 15 K's but less then 30 K's is $621.00 in a light vehicle or mid size truck.

In Nova Scotia, speeding offences are covered under the Summary Offence Tickets Regulations: See: Related Links The fines are detailed in Schedule 4: See Related Links So if you're charged under section 106(a)(b) - "Driving at speed that exceeds posted speed limit or other maximum speed limit in Act by 16 to 30 km/h, inclusive, in other than temporary work area" your fine would be offence category "D" which would be $282.71 for a first offence.

Going 49 mph in a residential area here in Maine will get you jail time. It'll be 30-day jail sentence and a $500 fine.

A speeding ticket in the state of Georgia for 30 miles over the speed limit will cost $195. If the ticket is written for careless or reckless driving it will cost more.

The speed limit in a residential area with no posted speed limit varies by state. The average being 25-30 mph.

You're lucky. That's 2mph away from the point where's it's considered serious speeding (over 85mph absolute or over 30mph over the limit). As such you'll be charged with moderate speeding (10-30 mph over the limit). That's two demerit points to your MVA record and a $135 fine (for going 21-29mph over the limit).

speeding in a construction or school zone fines in Maryland Exceeding speed limit by: (page 47) 1 to 9 mph: $120 Fine and 1 point 10 to 19 mph $140 Fine and 2 points 20 to 29 mph $270.00 Fine and 2 points Exceeding speed limit of 65 mph by 20 to 39 mph $540 Fine and 5 points 30 to 39 mph $540 Fine and 5 Points 40 mph and over $1000 Fine and 5 Points Reckless Driving: $1000 Fine and 6 Points ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Speeding in a non-school/non-work zone (points still the same as above) (page 46) 1 to 9 mph: $80 10-19 mph: $90 20-29 mph: $160 Exceeding speed limit of 65 mph by 10 to 19 mph: $160 Exceeding speed limit of 65 mph by 20 to 29 mph $290 30-39 mph: $290 40 or more: $530 (page 48) Reckless: $510 (for non work zone or non school zone)

The humps do not affect the speed limit. Other signs will indicate the speed limit. In most towns and cities the default limit is 30 mph, but in some places it can be less.

If you cause death by speeding - up to 14 years in prison, unlimited fine, disqualification for at least 2 years, 3-11 penalty points.If you endanger life by speeding - up to 2 years in prison, unlimited fine, disqualification, 3-11 penalty points.If you are driving carelessly or inconsiderately - unlimited fine, possible disqualification, 3-9 penalty points.Plain old speeding - up to £1000 fine (£2,500 on a motorway), possible disqualification, 3-6 penalty points.As a general rule, you will only be prosecuted for speeding if you were caught travelling more than 10% + 2 of the speed limit and you will only be summonsed to court if you were travelling more than 26 mph above the limit (for speed limits 40+), 15 above a 20 or 20 above a 30.If you were travelling 10% + 2 above the limit, not going fast enough to be summonsed to court you will receive a fixed penalty notice of £100 and 3 points - if it is your first speeding offence, you may be offered a drivers awareness course that you must fund and attend, this will be in lieu of a fine and points.And points or motor offences will drastically increase your insurance costs.

Fines for speeding in Ontario are not straightforward; less than 20km/hr over, $3 for each km over; between 20 and 30 km/hr over, $4.50/km over; between 30-50 km/hr over the limit, $7 /km over, and over 50km over the speed limit, $9.75/km over the limit. This does not include court costs and other required costs.

Up to $1000 1 to 9 mph: $120 Fine and 1 point 10 to 19 mph $140 Fine and 2 points 20 to 29 mph $270.00 Fine and 2 points Exceeding speed limit of 65 mph by 20 to 39 mph $540 Fine and 5 points 30 to 39 mph $540 Fine and 5 Points 40 mph and over $1000 Fine and 5 Points Reckless Driving: $1000 Fine and 6 Points

In New York, a speeding ticket for going 11 to 30 miles over the speed limit will cost from $175 to $385 if it is a first offense within an 18 month time period. If it is a second offense within 18 months, it will cost from $175 to $535. If the ticketed driver was in a work or construction zone, the fine will be doubled.

your driving at 30 miles per hour over the speed limit.

It depends on what is posted, but the default speed limit if nothing is posted is 30 mph in residential areas.

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