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What is the fine for speeding in a construction zone?


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Fines are normally Double for violating the speed limit in a construction zone.

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Each county will have a different fine for speeding. However, construction zone fines are doubled and the average cost in a construction zone is $250.

The police officer does not set the fine. The fine is based on state law. That is determined by your speed and where you were speeding. In a school zone, and construction zone, the fine is more.

In Illinois, the rules for speeding in a construction zone are stricter than usual. For a first offense, the fine will be approximately $375.

That will depend on who issued the ticket for speeding. And most automatically double the fine in a construction zone. Each jurisdiction gets to set their own penalties.

She was caught speeding in a construction zone speeding.

In Texas, a basic speeding ticket fine for going 49 mph in a 35 mph zone is $200. If it occurred in a school zone it is $250, and if it occurred in a construction zone it is $295.

In Florida, fines are doubled for speeding in a construction or school zone. Fines vary by county in Florida. You should check with your county clerk in order to assess your fine.

Speeding fines are doubled when workers in a construction zone or children in a school zone are present. Not entirely correct as it depends on the State you are in. Ex. Alaska has a bill pending right now (April 2013) that would double the fines.

Hmmm, I have paid $118 for doing 62 in a cal. As for speeding in a construction zone it is about the worst ticket a person could get .

upto 1k in a school zone depends on the infraction

The fine for a speeding ticket for 9mph over the speed limit in California is $234.00. Tickets that occur in a construction or school zone can be assessed up to $350, depending on the area.

Speeding in CA can be very expensive. The fine goes up as the speed goes up and added to it are additional costs of process fees, a fee for taking a driving class to keep it off of the driving record, and court fees. There are also added fees if you get a ticket in a construction zone.

I know. You'll go to prison. If you kill a construction worker you go to prison for vehicular manslaughter. Many construction workers get killed by speeding cars.Expect to have the fine above $100. They could possibly take your licence away (temporarily) or put you in jail.Good luck!

how much is speeding ticket in flagstaff Arizona 18 over the limit

you will have to pay atleast 100 dollars,depending on how fast you were going

When you go 19 mph over the posted limit, the fine is $146 in Virginia. The speeding ticket fine may include other offense that can raise the fine.

The cost of a speeding ticket in Illinois will depend on rate of speed and where you were speeding. A ticket for going 39 mph over the speed limit is $95. If it is in a school zone it climbs to $150. In a construction zone it reaches $375.

The cost in Ohio will be $189. $124 in a non construction zone. I've heard conflicting answers on arguing if it matters if workers are present or not.

In the state of Illinois, the fine for a speeding ticket will depend on your location and how fast you were over the limit. 35 miles per hour over the limit will result in a fine of $95. If it was in a school zone, the fine is $150. In a work zone it can be as high as $375.

How much is fine for speeding this is not an answere ^^

Is it a speeding ticket? In Michigan, it's a reckless driving - go to jail, 8pts, and 2k +.

It would depend on where you are because laws are different varying on the state or county. Other factors include how fast you were going ( if you were going 120, it might bump the fine up), whether or not you were in a construction zone, and if you even had your license with you.

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