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It is thorium 234.

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Q: What is the first decay product of uranium upon alpha decay?
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What isotopes remains after the alpha decay of uranium-238?

232U alpha decays to 228Th. Thorium-228 is the daughter product of the alpha decay of uranium-232.

What is the nuclear decay equation for plutonium 239?

The first step is an alpha decay to (guess what!) uranium 235. You can probably take it from there.

What type of nuclear decay does Uranium undergo?

Uranium has a different decay chain/series for its different isotopes. Uranium 238 for example first decays to thorium 234 through alpha decay while U235 alpha decays to thorium 231. Both have different half lifes which can be found on a natural decay series chart for the said element. The thorium in either case then beta decays to another element.

What is the equation for beta decay of uranium-237?

Uranium-237 decays by beta- decay to Neptunium-237 with a half-life of 6.75 days, emitting a W- boson which then decays to an electron and an electron antineutrino... 92237U --> 93237Np + (W- --> e- + v-e)

The uranium-235 decay series begins with the emission of an alpha particle If the daughter decays by beta emission what is the resulting nuclide?

Uranium-235 will not beta decay first. If you google "Chart of Nuclides" you can follow the entire decay chain yourself using each isotope's most likely decay type.

When uranium-238 atomic number 92 decays by emitting an alpha particle it becomes?

The atomic number will decrease by 2. An alpha particle is a helium-4 nucleus, and it contains a pair of protons and a pair of neutrons. During alpha decay, an atomic nucleus has its atomic mass decrease by 4, and its atomic number decrease by 2.

What is the decay product of uranium-238?

U-238 is the most abundant (99.3%) of the three naturally occurring isotopes of Uranium. The other two are U-235 and U-234.U-238 decays spontaneously to Thorium-234 by alpha particle emission. This decays by beta decay to Protactinium-234 and then that undergoes beta decay to become U-234.There are many more decay steps by alpha and beta emission. The end result is Lead-206 which is stable.The full path can be found in the Argonne National Laboratories Human Health Fact Sheet, August 2005, titled Natural Decay Series: Uranium, Radium, and ThoriumThis is found at:

The existence of alpha decay in radioactive uranium was first discovered by?

The existence of radiation was discovered in 1896 by Henri Becquerel in the course of experiments involving uranium salts, though the nature of it was unknown. The nature of the alpha particle was discovered by Ernest Rutherford, and he showed it was essentially an helium nucleus in 1907.

How were Alpha decay and beta decay discovered?

Alpha, beta, and gamma radiation were first observed from a sample of Radium in a magnetic field.

What two elements would result from the alpha decay of plutonium 238?

First off, it's better to be more careful in regards to the word element. What you actually mean is isotope. The difference is subtle, but important. If I had a large rock of Uranium ore that was just mined, you could say I had the element Uranium. However, the element is made up of a certain percentage of isotopes, those being a nucleus that has the same number of protons, 92 in this case, but different numbers of neutrons.Secondly, alpha decay is defined as the spontaneous emission of a helium 4 nucleus from an isotope, so one of your two resulting elements when alpha decay is involved is always going to be helium. The other element is found by simply subtracting 2 from Pu's atomic number, which is 94, giving you the resulting element's atomic number, which is 92, otherwise known as uranium, specifically, the isotope U 234.

What is the radioactive decay process of U-238?

Uranium 238 breaks down into a series of radioactive products formed by giving off radiation. Uranium-238, Thorium-234, Protactinium-234, and Uranium-234 are the first 4 in the series.

Which mineral is radium obtained?

pitchblende was the first, but any good uranium ore will do as it is a daughter element of uranium's decay.