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conservation of energy

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Energy can't be created or destroyed. The First Law of Thermodynamics is also known as the Law of Conservation of Energy.

This law is known mainly with two different names: "Law of Conservation of Energy", or "First Law of Thermodynamics".

It cant be created or destroyed

energy cant be created or destroyed

The Law of Conservation of Energy, also known as the First Law of Thermodynamics.

a matter that cant be created or destroyed. it can change form but have a fixed volume.

the law states matter cant be created nor destroyed hope this helps ;)

living things cant create their own energy, they can only convert energy, according to the first law of thermodynamics, and an organism must remain well organized to remain alive and to grow.

If by the law of conservation you mean the Law of Conservation of Matter, then it states that matter cant be created or destroyed.

Simply put - it cant. It can only be changed from one form to another. As stated in the Law of Conservation of Energy.

No energy cant be created or destroyed. It can only be converted into something else. Its the basic law of physics.

There are TWO important laws about energy; you need to understand them both. They are known as the laws of thermodynamics. Actually there are a few more, but the first and second laws are extremely important to understand this question. If you ONLY understand the first one, you will only get an incomplete picture.* First Law of Thermodynamics: This is basically conservation of energy. * Second Law of Thermodynamics: This can be expressed in many different ways; as a simple introduction, let's just say that useful energy can - and will - convert into unusable energy. This happens all the time, and is unavoidable. For example, once a car uses up its fuel, the energy that was originally in the fuel is still out there somewhere, but in a "less concentrated", and utterly unusable, form. Among other things, the tires and the road have been heated up a bit.

You cant remove the energy because energy cannot be created nor destroyed. But you can be in a place that doesn't receive it.

Energy cant be created or destroyed . The total energy in the universe is constant.The energy can be changed into one energy to another .

You cant destroy it. And if you destroy it you will get destroyed too.

Why CAN'T it??? But that is exactly what the law of conservation of energy states! Anyway, it is one way to formulate it.

Ramgarh Cant Station was created in 1862.

People say it in the sense of that we use it flawlessly and carelessly. We are not doing any good activities at all.

Both sides would be destroyed.

You cant was destroyed

It will be when the sun is big enough to destroy mercury

Because our energy supply is little and energy can not be created or destroyed so we cant make more so if we use it all we wont have any more left!

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