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Q: What is the first stage of geisha training?
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How old do you have to be to be a geisha?

Apprentice Geisha hopefuls usually begin their training around the ages of 16 - 18 as Hangyoku.Unless they are the daughters of Geisha or grew up in the Okiya (geisha house), then their training could begin earlier.To become Maiko (apprentice geisha) training begins around the age of 18 at the position of Minarai. The Minarai stage will last for about a month, and if she studies and progresses well she will be promoted to Maiko.After living as a Maiko for around 5 years (usually around the age of 22) she will be promoted to a full-fledged Geisha.

Why don't geisha women reveal their age?

It is impolite to ask any woman of their age. A geisha's age is no big secret, it is simply rude to ask of it. One can usually tell a geisha's age if they are familiar with their customs. Due to the way they dress, or what stage of their training they are in.

How many years does it take for a Geisha to become a Geisha?

It can take anywhere from five to ten years of training to become a full Geisha.

Is their different types of Geisha?

There are different stages of training leading up to becoming a Geisha. Usually Hangyoku, Maiko, and finally Geisha.

What is the first stage in knighthood training?

in 1984:)

What year did the first geisha girl become a geisha girl?

Geisha first make the appearance around the year 1750.

Why is pantomime the first stage in training actors?

why should pantomime be the first stage in an actor s trainig

What was that first stage of training a knight called?

It is called Page.

When does a maiko become a geisha?

Maiko will become Geisha after they go through 5 to 8 to 10 years of training (depending on when they began their training) usually between the ages of 18 and 21.

First stage in knighthood training?

Knights no longer have to go through any training or stages.

What is the point of being a geisha?

Geisha are living, breathing works of art. They are walking perfection. They go through the proper training to become a Geisha so they can carry on hundreds of years of Japanese tradition.

What was a boy called when in the first stage of training for knighthood?


How old is a girl before she becomes a geisha?

A girl usually begins her training to become a Geisha around the age of 14 or 15, she continues to train and will become a full Geisha around the age of 18 to 21.

What did a boy learn in the first stage of his knight training?

what did a knight learn as a page

How do geisha impact japan?

Geisha carry on culture and traditions from years and years of beauty and training. They keep the arts of the past alive in today's modern world.

Where did geisha first start out?

In Japan of course.

How many years does it take to become a geisha?

It can take around 7 years (or more) to become a full Geisha. A girl generally goes into training around the age of 15 - 16, and becomes a full Geisha around the age of 22.

Which stage is training particularly important?

Enrichment Stage

When did geisha's first appear?

Around the year 1750.

How do you start a career as a geisha?

First of all you have to be Japanese. There have only been a few exceptions of women becoming Geisha that were not Japanese. And that is because they were there to study the culture. You would need to be living in Japan, be around the age of 15 or 16, and have your parents consent to move out of your house and into an Okiya to completely transform your way of life into the years of training it takes to become a proper Geisha.

What literary work were geisha's apart of?

Geisha were main parts of 'Geisha, a life' and 'Memoirs of a Geisha'

What if geisha retire?

Geisha retire often for many reasons. The reason can be personal, financial etc.. A Geisha must remain single through the entire span of her time as a Geisha, if she chooses to marry she must retire before doing so. Sometimes a Geisha will choose to retire when she feels she has repaid her dept to the Okiya for financing her training, or when she feels she has spent enough time in said profession and it is time to move on. Some women will also retire from being active Geisha to take over or run an Okiya (Geisha house) of their own.

Training occurs at all stages of team building however What stage is training particularly important?

Enrichment Stage

When did Japanese geisha first appear?

Around the year 1750.

Who did Geishas preform for?

Geisha perform for clients that are usually high powered business men and movie or stage performers. They will do stage performances as well during certain celebrations.