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Well, Katniss had almost forgotten about Peeta, but then when his name is called her first thought is that this is the guy who gave me bread when I was starving, he saved my life, and now I have to kill him?

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Why does Haymitch Abernathy thinks Peetas jaw bruise is good for both Peeta and katniss?

Its good for both of them because it makes them look like they got into a fight which makes them look tough.

What do Katniss and Peeta believe to be each others skills?

Katniss thinks Peeta's skill is strength and camouflage. Peeta thinks Katniss' skill is archery.

What is katniss opinion of thresh?

thresh thinks katniss is a prostitute

What does Katniss think about cinna?

Katniss thinks Cinna is really nice and is a good friend.

What are Katniss' thoughts in The Hunger Games?

Katniss thinks a lot in the Hunger Games. When?

What does Katniss conclude about why Haymitch Abernathy drinks?

Katniss thinks that haymitch drinks to forget the games

Why is Katniss Everdeen determined?

Katniss is determined because she thinks in the end she can save Prim (her little sister.)

What did Katniss think the blast did to her ear?

Katniss thinks she has gone permanently deaf in her ear because of the blasts.

What are Katniss' thoughts on The Hunger Games?

She thinks they are cruel and horrible.

Why does Katniss think Cato is insane?

She doesn't. She thinks you're insane.

Why does johanna hate Katniss in Catching Fire?

Because Johanna thinks she could do a better job as the mocking jay than Katniss

Is Katniss and rue's relationship formed for different reasons than the other group's?

Katniss truly thinks that Rue reminds her of Prim, so in that way she thinks of Rue like a sister. The other groups have alliances as well ,but they aren't as close and true as Katniss and Rue :). Hope that answered your question.

How does Katniss respond to Peeta Mellark being chosen in the hunger games?

When Peeta Mellark is called out, Katniss remembers a time when she and her family were starving. In the flashback she remembers sitting in the rain outside the bakery where Peeta and his family works. Peeta and his mother are arguing outside because Peeta accidentally burnt some loaves of bread, his mother tells him to give the bread to the pigs. He throws one to the pigs but then feels guilty that he is feeding animals when Katniss is obviously starving. Subsequently he throws the other loaf to her instead of going over and giving it to her. because of this Katniss thinks that Peeta see's her as weak and feels akward around him. It seems that she wanted anyone but Peeta to be called out at the Reaping. In the book and film you see them talking about this in the cave. :)

What does Peeta mean when he says he doesn't want Katniss to die for him?

He doesn't want Katniss to die for him because he thinks he has nothing to live for and his family won't care if he dies. He thinks she should live because she has Prim and her mother and Gale.

How do Katniss and Peeta fall in love?

They go into The Hunger Games and Peeta announces that he has always loved Katniss and Katniss thinks this is a ploy to keep them alive so she plays along with it. Then she finds she actually loves him.

How does katniss feel about cinna in the hunger games?

she thinks hes wonderful and a good friend

Why does Katniss want to make an ally of Foxface?

Katniss thinks Foxface might make a good ally because she is sneaky and very smart. Ultimately, she ends up deciding against it because she thinks Foxface might not be very trustworthy.

What is the sacrifice that Katniss is making?

Katniss sacrifices her friendships and family life, and thinks that she might be sacrificing her life as she volunteers to participate in the Hunger Games. She does this to protect her sister.

What are some quotes from the book Mockingjay?

Peeta-"You love me. real, or not real?" Katniss-"Real" ~ Gale-"I think Katniss will choose whoever she thinks she can't survive without." ~ Katniss-"I kill Snow." Coin- "I'll flip you for it."

Does Peeta Mellark really love Katniss?

Yes. He has loved her ever since he saw her. At first Katniss thinks he is just doing it for the games, but he's not. Hope this helped(:

Did paylor let Katniss go in snow's garden on purpose in the Hunger Games?

We do not know. It does not tell us. But Katniss thinks so. And FYI its Mockingjay, not hunger games

Why doesent Katniss get to see Peeta Mellark?

because he has been kidnapped by the capital, and they hijack his brain so he thinks Katniss is an assassin. short but sweet hope that helps :)

What is katniss reaction atfer she shoots the arrow into the pig?

She thinks she blew her "slim" chance of winning

Why does Katniss think Cato has a special hatred for her?

Katniss thinks Cato has a special hatred for her because she not only outscored him in the private session with the Gamemakers, she also blew up his stash of supplies.

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