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Q: What is the first thing to observe when you are to operate a boiler?
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Decommission the the boiler what is the most impontant thing?


What is the code for engine room in aqworlds?

just pull the metally thing in the side of the boiler (above the gold ones)

What safety measures should do by boiler tender during his watch?

The first and most important thing the operator must do at the start of his watch is to check the true water level in the boiler. This is done by first blowing down the water column, then blowing down the gage glass, remembering to close the gage cocks individually and reopening them to the proper position. Next he should check with the previous operator and check the log books for any known problems. Checking the safety valves, bottom blowing the boiler, testing chemistry of the water, checking safety cutoffs, and blowing soot off the tubes are all regular shift operations that must be done to maintain a safe operating condition of the boiler. Also, cleaning the boiler room is very important and shouldn't be overlooked, more operators are injured by slips and trips than any other hazard.

How do you turn off the hot water?

go to where your boiler is and there will be a lever. or a turn knob.Do not turn off the water supply to a boiler.Normally water is heated by a tank (Cylinder) or a tank-less coil or an indirect heater.Unless you know the heating source ask a professional as the very last thing you need is a "boiler" to dry fire and cause a melt down and possible explosion

What year was the first technology thing invented?

Nobody knows what year the first technological thing was invented. This is because different people have different definitions of technology.

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Decommission the the boiler what is the most impontant thing?


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If by 'main' you mean largest then that would be the boiler.

Why is hard water not used in a boiler?

Sea water, as from oceans, is salty. If used in a boiler the salt will deposit as scaling, which is a bad thing. It's also more corrosive, so the boiler and all associated pipework will rust out faster.

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What is needed for boiler installation to be done properly?

The most important thing when having a boiler installed is to make sure the person doing it is properly qualified. In the UK they must be CORGI certified.

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Is a condensing boiler the same as a combination boiler?

Hi. No, these are not the same thing. A Combi-boiler can be a type of condensing boiler that does not need a tank and just heats the water on demand. A combi boiler can be of a condenisng type - in other words there are combi boilers that are condensing boilers. However, there are many types of condensing boiler that do have a holding tank, so not all condensing boilers are combi-boilers. By the way, if you are looking into a combi boiler, make sure that your installer has factored in your likely hot water usage and that this type of system will supply you what you need even at peak times.

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