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What is the first us coin made?


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The penny coin which was worth a cent

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the first U.S. coin was made in 1795

The first US dollar coin was made in 1794.

If you mean the first coin made by the first US Mint it was the 1793 Half Cents issued in July of that year.

The highest denomination US coin is the American Platinum Eagle. It was first made in 1997 and has a face value of 100 dollars.

The first US 25 cent coin (quarter) was struck in 1796.

the first mercury coin was made in 1916.

The first US nickel was made in 1866 and the first US coins were made in 1793, look at the coin again and post new question.

the first coin made was from lydian and had a symbol of a tiger that was made by the kings of the jungles (King Alyattes) in turkey the coin was made out of gold and silver

The first US coin to carry a portrait was the penny with Lincolns face.

1793.Note that the coin is a penny (or cent). Penney is a department store.

No US coin is known as just a "LIBERTY" coin and ALL US half dollars have the word liberty on them. The first US half dollar was made in 1794.

The first US $10 gold coin was made in 1795 so look at the coin again and post new question.

There's no such coin. The first US nickels were made in 1866 and the first Canadian nickels were issued in 1922.

it was made by a person

Eisenhower was on a US one dollar coin that was made in the 1970s.

Sacajawea is on a one dollar US coin that was made in the 2000s.

That means it is a novelty coin. These are not made by the US mint. They are made by private mints for shops as a token or toy.

1776, They are the first silver dolllar-sized coin proposed for the US and likely made to replace a paper dollar.

Most of the colonies had issued coins earlier, but the first officially struck US coin was the 1793 Fugio Cent.

See the link below for a history of the dollar coin.1794 was the first year issue for the US silver dollar.

Presidents Lincoln and Washington were the first Presidents to be printed on a coin.

The first US Dollar coin was minted in 1794.

The first US silver dollar was made in 1794, check the coin again and post new question.

Please check your coin again and post a new, separate question. The first US nickels were made in 1866.

Please rephrase question. if you mean "How much did the first US dollar coin cost?" the answer is exactly a Dollar!

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