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The forces that push against anything that moves through a fluid (which is a liquid or gas), including water, are drag and fluid friction.

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Q: What is the force of water pushing against you as you move through it?
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A sailboat is traveling at a steady speed of 13 mph. The force of the wind pushing against the sail is the opposing force of the water resistance.?

Equal to.

What force is acting against water as it moved through the ground?

i dont know

Which force pushes against a moving object when it passes through water?

poo works. ;)

What force acts against capillary action as water moves through the ground?


What is the pushing force at the atmosphere is called in the water cycle?


Why doesn't water go in a glass cup when put under water?

Well, it is complicated, the trapped gas uses the force of pressure against the underlying water with the same amount of force that the water is putting on the gas. So the water doesn't go in the cup because the air is pushing it back.

What force is pushing up?

Bouyancy... its what makes things float in water.

What is the definition of drag force?

If an object is passing through a fluid or medium then faces retarding or opposing force this force is called Drag Force

Why does a stone feel lighter when it was under water?

because the upthrust force of the water acting on the stone was pushing the stone upwards meaning it was acting against the downwards weight of the stone (its weight). This meant that the downwards force was decreased and therefore felt lighter :)

Is the gravitational force same on land and in water?

The simple answer is yes, but don't forget the water has a "force" pushing you up. If you want the truth, gravity isn't a force.

Does pepper float?

No, because it doesn't have enough density to do that.

What are the forces in kayaking?

Assuming that it is moving at a constant speed. Horizontally there is the thrust from the engines/oars/whatever is pushing the boat and the drag from the water and air it is being pushed through. Vertically there is the weight of the boat and the upwards force due to the water pressure pushing on the bottom of the boat.