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The force when two materials rub together is called friction. Friction is a resistive force that opposes the relative motion or tendency of motion between two surfaces in contact. The magnitude of the frictional force depends on factors such as the nature of the surfaces and the force pressing them together.

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Q: What is the force when two materials rub together?
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Force that acts when two surfaces rub together?


What is a force that acts between two sticks when they are rub together?


When two objects rub together the force that opposes the motion of the object is called .?

Static Electricity!

When you rub two objects together what happens?

When we rub two objects together then heat energy is generated.

When you rub two sticks together what force makes a spark?

Friction! When you rub objects or substances together the microscopic rough particle begins to heat up and eventually it gets hot enough to start the combustion process.

The type of force when the surfaces of two objects touch?

Two surfaces touching together creates friction. rub your hands together(two surface from your each hand) creates friction and head is the result.

What is the phase dont have two nickels to rub together?

It means you are broke or do not have any money.... not even "two nickels to rub together"

What is the force called when one surface exerts on another when the two rub against each other?

Friction makes things (like soles) rub away

What is an example of friction?

friction is what makes it hard to rub two pieces of sand paper together

What is the difference between tension force and friction force?

tension force is pulling something apart, like stretching a rubber band. friction force is when you rub two surfaces together, like rubbing sandpaper on something.

What is a example of friction?

An example of friction is when you rub your hands together or when you rub two sticks together it makes fire

What happens when two different materials rubbed together?

You will create friction (a force pushing them both back) and heat.