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This story has the theme of the tragedy of war, the only war that Ireland ever had, which was a civil war. The conflict was between supporters and opponents of the Anglo-Irish Treaty. Liam O'Flaherty fought in the Irish War of Independence and the later Irish Civil War as a member of the Anti-Treaty IRA against the new Irish Free State. He had also fought in the First World War as an officer in the Irish Guards. As a result of his experiences, O'Flaherty provides a very realistic portrait of military combat. O'Flaherty later grew deeply disillusioned with the beliefs of the Anti-Treaty Republicans and Irish Nationalism in general. "The Sniper" reflects this feeling of the futility and waste of the Irish Civil War. Such themes can also be seen in O'Flaherty's short novel, The Informer. Arguably, "The Sniper" also condemns the glorification of violence in which O'Flaherty himself had participated in his youth. nWar knows no boundaries nage, sex, location, time of day, family ties nWar reduces human beings to mere objects

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In "The Sniper" by Liam O'Flaherty, the foreshadowing is seen in the sniper's sense of unease as he lights a cigarette, revealing his position to the enemy sniper across the street. This foreshadows the climax of the story where the enemy sniper shoots him, leading to a twist ending revealing the sniper's identity.

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A young man (Liam O'Flaherty) took place in a war that was in Dublin, Ireland in the year 1921. He made a book about his journey and called it, "The Sniper"

He spend a few days on top of a building where he gets shot in the right arm. After he was shot, he killed a few people. He felt a curiosity to see who the enemy was who he had killed and wondered if he might have known him. When the sniper turned the dead body over he looked into his brothers face.

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its love ahhahahaha this is really fun hahahah lol hope this helped you u guys out g2g peace

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I am pretty sure that he is very calm throughout the story

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Q: What is the foreshadowing in the sniper?
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Is there any foreshadowing used in the sniper?

After the republican sniper had killed the opposing gunman, the republican sniper begins to wonder if he had killed someone he knew. The republican sniper became curious as to the identity of the man he killed; it was, after all, a civil war, he could've killed a neighbor or an old friend. The republican sniper's thoughts help to foreshadow who the republican sniper had killed

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An IRA sniper, an old lady, a machinegun operator, and a Free State sniper.

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The other sniper in the story "Sniper" by Liam O'Flaherty was a republican sniper. He is the protagonist's enemy and they engage in a tense sniper duel throughout the story.

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