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What is the form and size of a living organism?

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this is a good question..

well the smallest living part is the mitochondria

this is very small...

well idk i just guessed on this one it might be right i dont know well yeah


2009-05-06 00:52:34
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Q: What is the form and size of a living organism?
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What is the difference between an organism and rocks?

The atoms in the rocks are non-living and the atoms in the organisms are living and the atoms in the rocks do not combine to form living cells and the atoms in the organism combine to form living cells

Form and size range of organisms?

organism have definite forms size and range

A group of organ systems form what?

An organism

Whats the size of a virus in a living organism?

Its about 1.00345 nanometers tall.

Why are viruses not living?

They are because viruses are a form of micro-organism. so that makes them very small living things. They are roughly 1/1000 of a millimetre in size, and there sole purpose is to eat and reproduce.

Why the organism is important?

organism form an ecosystem with non-living things in which they live, and this form life one earth if all organism die out and ultimatlely life on earth will extinct

What is it called when gametes join and form a new living organism?


What is an organism living in or on organism?

An organism living in another organism is called parasite.

What is the structure of a virus?

1.type of coat 2.type of nucleic acid 3.size organism 1.type of coat 2.type of nucleic acid 3.size organism

Are atoms living and non living?

An element or a single atom is non living but when some atoms are put together, they can form a living organism.

What living organism can be 30 times the size of a blue whale?

Nothing. There is no living creature in earth that is 30 times the size of a blue whale. Blue whales are the largest living things on Earth.

What is an example of a living organism?

Basically, it is an living thing. A organism is a living thing, you are a organism because you are a human so you are a living organism and your survival is a need

Does an organism look like an animal?

No; living organisms can have almost any shape or size.

Why is the earth remaning the same size?

It is a rock, a rock isn't a living organism so it cannot increase in mass or size.

What is morphlogy?

It is branch of biology which deals with study of form & sturtrue of living organism

What do you mean by living organism?

a living organism is just a living thing!

Is raccoon a living organism or non living feature?

an living organism

Is a fish a living organism?

Yes. It is living and is an organism.

Is flower a living organism or a nonliving organism?


Is the cell size dependent on the organism size?

Yes the cell size is dependent on the organism size. This is because the organism will have various cells within it which will to a greater extent be limited in terms of size by the size of the organism.

What happens when your body lacks uranium?

Uranium is not necessary for the organism of any living form.

Is sunlight a living organism or a nonliving feature?

living organism

Is Mold a living organism?

Yes, mold is a living organism.

Is a goldfish a living organism?

Yes a goldfish is a living organism.

What were the first living organism?

bacteria was the first living organism