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National security Council

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Q: What is the formal group of presidential foreign policy advisers established in 1947 called?
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Acronym for pres advisory group?

An acronym for a presidential advisory group would be PAG. In the United States this group of advisers is called the Cabinet.

A group of experts or advisors to the president are called what?

The President's chief advisers are called his Cabinet.

What are the president's advisers called?

the cabinets

A group of advisers usually for a nations leader is often called?

A group of advisers, usually for a nation's leader, is often called a(n):

What is the title of a person who runs foreign affairs?

In the UK the person responsible (an elected parliamentarian appointed to the job by the Prime Minister) is called the Foreign Minister, in the US the person is a Presidential appointee called The Secretary of State.

What was the presidential foreign-policy proclamation that might well have been called the Adams Doctrine or the Self-Defense Doctrine?

Monroe Doctorine

The presidents traditional group advisers is called what?

The Cabinet.

Washington and his closest advisers came to be called?


What is the name of Andrew Jackson's informal meeting room in the White House?

Andrew Jackson had personal advisers that could not be approved as member of his Cabinet by the Senate. So he chose personal advisers that met in the Kitchen. They became known as the Kitchen Cabinet. You must know that Andrew Jackson was a very rough frontier man and his friends were also. So when he brought his friends to Washington D. C. the established society was distressed to say the least. At his inauguration the people climbed on the furniture with their muddy boots. They left the White House in a mess. There was no way the Senate would approve "that kind of a man" as a member of the official Presidential Cabinet. He rarely met with the paid official Presidential Cabinet. .

What were the Washington's official advisers called?

vc n cf

The groups of advisers and analysts to the president are collectively called?


A president's chief advisers?

The President's Cabinet.