What is the formal name for a rock collector?

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Amateur geology (known as rockhounding in the United States and Canada) is the recreational study and hobby of collecting rocks and mineral specimens from their natural environment. The first amateur geologists were prospectors looking for valuable minerals and gemstones for commercial purposes. Eventually, however, more and more people have been drawn to amateur geology for recreational purposes, mainly for the beauty that rocks and minerals provide.
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What is a collector?

According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and under theFair Debt Collection Practice Act, a collector is a person, anagency or a company that regularly collects debt that is owed toothers. Collection is usually made on delinquent or past-dueaccounts.

Where can you find a Dan Dee Collectors Choice Rocking Horse?

Anna's Toy Depot in Austin Texas has one right now for 45 dollars. She carries good condition second hand toys and play therapy toys in her store. You might see if she would ship something as large as a rocking horse. www.annastoydepot.com

What is another name for art collector?

\n. \n. \nA person who aquires art for a gallery, museum or private company is called a curator. But these people are not art collectors in the same sense as an ordinary person who buys a lot of art is termed an art collector. A person who gives financial assistance to an artist is called a benefa ( Full Answer )

What do you call a rock collector?

Well rock collector is a good term but if you make it your profession to collect and study rocks you are called a petrologist .. A Rockhound.

Is there a name for a hat collector?

Hat collector That's a good question. I've heard of dozens of specialized words for the collectors of this, that, and the other thing, but there may be no word for a hat collector. There's even a word for people who collect beer mats (coasters) -- that's a tegestologist -- but I don't know the ( Full Answer )

What is a collector of rocks called?

Answer . A rock collector is generally referred to as a rockhound. A person who studies the science behind rocks is called a petrologist.

What is the formal name of England?

England itself is a kingdom therefore could be referred to as the Kingdom of England. But England is not a nation itself it is part of the United Kingdom therefore its official name is The United Kingdom Of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

What is the formal name of the middle ages?

Medieval Times. (Dark Ages) is appropriate but somewhat derisive as there was some measurable progress, notably in Music and literature in these somber centuries. Much Medieval literary progress was destroyed in wars and accidental fires, the murals of the NYPL with the scene of Medieval Monks copyi ( Full Answer )

What is the name of a moth collector?

Someone who is interested and collects moths is named anentomologist. These types of people study the reproductivepatterns, behavior, and identification of both moths andbutterflies.

What is the formal name of Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is officially recognized as Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China . However, "Hong Kong" and "Hong Kong Special Administrative Region" are also accepted.

What is the formal name for dinoflagella?

a dinoflagella is related to or ken to the Pyrocytis Fusiformis. That is a glowing "algae" and produces its own biolumenescence feature. The creature does feed is self by photosynthesis!

What is the formal name of Italy?

conventional long form: Italian Republic conventional short form: Italy local long form: Repubblica Italiana local short form: Italia former: Kingdom of Italy

What is the formal name of the Statue of the Liberty?

\nOriginally named Statue de la Liberté by the French, and it is based on the ancient Roman god Liberte, who was the god of being freed from slavery... (bit odd that... the Romans took loads of slaves, yet there was a god dedicated to being freed from slavery... perhaps the slaves themselves crea ( Full Answer )

What was Suriname's formal name?

Surinam may have been the first name by which the future Surinamese Republic was known formally among the English, French and Spanish speaking explorers of the 16th century. The name may have been borrowed from the word 'Surinen'. The word referred to the country's inhabitants before the arrival of ( Full Answer )

Is perseus a common or formal name?

Formal, the common name for Perseus today is Percy.. Percy is short for the English name of Percival. Perseus is probably not a common name, except perhaps in Greece.

By what name is Taiwan formally known?

Taiwan is also known as Formosa. Home to the Republic of China (ROC), not to be confused with the Peoples Republic of China (PRC).

What is the formal name of the US?

The formal name of the US is the United States. It is also calledthe United States of America or just America.

Is junior a formal name?

Not usually. It tends to be a nickname, or a way to refer to someone who has the same name as his father-- "Oh, there goes Jack Smith and Jack Junior"; or it can be a slang expression for someone who is young and inexperienced: "Listen Junior, you have a lot to learn!" But I have noticed in some Lat ( Full Answer )

The full formal name of Mormons?

The name of the Church is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Church members prefer to be called "Latter-day Saints" or "LDS". "Mormon" is a nickname given to them by people who oppose the Church.

When was the name Brontosaurus discarded from formal use?

In 1903, Elmer Riggs reclassified Brontosaurus. He realized that Brontosaurus was too similar to Apatosaurus ajax to belong to a separate genus. Thus, he reclassified Brontosaurus to Apatosaurus excelsus in 1903, and at that point the name Brontosaurus became dubious.

What is the constellation Lyra's formal name?

Very long ago, the first civilizations of the Middle East and India saw Lyre (the stars that make up the constellation Lyre) as a vulture. Vega, the brightest star, was called the Vulture Star. Even though the Greeks saw a harp here, depictions of Lyra even centuries later often showed the harp help ( Full Answer )

What was the full formal name of great Britain?

It can be confusing. England, Scotland & Wales are separate countries. Because they all form part of a mainland, this mainland is called Great Britain (also includes the territorial islands and the Scilly Isles). Britain is just England and Wales. The United Kingdom is Great Britain & Northern ( Full Answer )

What is the formal name to call Sri Lankan?

A Sri Lankan is called just that, a Sri Lankan. Perhaps you are thinking of Sir or Ma'am or Mr. or Mrs.? *Actually there are a few races within Sri Lanka. A traditional Sri Lankan that doesn't have have mixed blood is known as a Singhlese, one that is Mixed race is a Burgher and then there are ( Full Answer )

What is the formal name of a hand doctor?

Depends on what you want done with the hand. Usually an Orthopedist for the bones. A dermatologist for the skin. A Plastic surgeon for skin repair. Or a neuro-muscular surgeon for crush injuries.

What does a collector do?

The collector is one of the most important person of a district. His main job is to clear all the problems of people. He has an idea about how the poor people are living? and he has to introducing new programs for the sake of people.

What is a namakkal district collector name?

Tmt S Madumathi IAS District Collector Collectorate, Namakkal - 637 001 Phone: 04286-281101 (O) 04286-280111, 280222 (R) Fax: 04286-280888 (R) 04286-281106 (O) E-Mail: collrnmk@nic.in

What is the name of the first formal government in the colonies?

The organization and structure of British colonial governments in America shared many attributes.there is 13 colonies so these 13 colonies become the United States had its own history and development, there emerged over time some common features and patterns to the structure and organization of the ( Full Answer )

Who was a tax collector and was once named Levi?

A: The original New Testament gospel, now known as Mark's Gospel, refers to Levi, son of Alphaeus, as a tax collector. However, for some reason, Mark never again refers to Levi, but introduces Matthew and James, son of Alphaeus, as disciples in the list of the twelve disciples (verse 3:14-19). Lu ( Full Answer )

What is the name for a highly formal Japanese play?

You're probably thinking either of "Noh" (能), or "Kabuki" (歌舞伎) which incorporates dancing and the actors wear face-paint instead of masks (as in Noh). There's also "Bunraku" (文楽), which is puppet theatre.

What is Mission's formal name?

If you mean Christian Mission, the word you may be looking for is Evangelism: the spreading of the Gospel.

What are the formal names of alcohol?

Ethanol is the type of alcohol found in alcoholic beverages. There are different types of alcohol, such as wood alcohol, also known as methyl alcohol or methanol.

What was the real name of the apostle who was a tax collector?

Another answer from our community: Matthew also known as Levi In the first century C.E. it was not uncommon for Jews, especiallythose living outside Israel or in cities having a mixed populationof Jews and Gentiles, to have a Hebrew or an Aramaic name alongwith a Latin or Greek name. This may be ( Full Answer )

What does your formal name mean?

This usually means the name on your birth certificate, which may be different from the name that your friends commonly call you.

What is the formal name for Death Road?

The 'Death Road' is located between La Paz and Coroico. The formal name for this stretch of road is 'North Yungas Road'. It is renowned for its dangerous driving experience due to it being largely single-lane with no guard rails to the sheer drops. Between 200 and 300 travellers are killed annual ( Full Answer )

Formal name for british pound?

The British Pound is also referred to as the GBP, Great BritishPound and the British Pound Sterling.