What is the format of a haiku?


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3 lines

first line, 5 syllables

second line, 7 syllables

third line, 5 syllables In English, Haiku is written in three lines with each line having an exact number of syllables. The first line contains five syllables, line two contains seven syllables, and line three contains five syllables. In Japanese, Haiku also has three parts, but can be written as one line. And instead of counting syllables, the Japanese count sounds. Haiku is required to 'suggest' a single season somehow. It might be directly, by using a word like 'blossom' for Spring, or 'snow' for Winter, or indirectly, by tone, imagery or pace.


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Haiku Vector Icon Format was created in 2006-07.

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The format of a Haiku poem is this... First line: 5 syllables Second line: 7 syllables Third line: 5 syllables

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Haikus are such fun, let me help you construct one, soon you will be done. This is in the Haiku format (5,7.5) but not about nature.

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No it can be whatever you put in it as long as you use the correct format.

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yes but the format is supposed to be 5 then 7 in the middle then 5! ex: Do you like to eat? I like to eat potatoes! They taste good with cheese that is a haiku about food it fits the 5x7x5 format most haikus are about nature though!

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