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Q: What is the formula for the conjugate base of HCO3?
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What is the base of HCO3?

The conjugate base of HCO3- (bicarbonate ion) is CO32- (carbonate ion) The conjugate acid of HCO3- (bicarbonate ion) is H2CO3 (carbonic acid)

What is the conjugate base for HCO3?

The conjugate base of HCO3- is CO32-. Conjugates always differ by one H+. A conjugate base has one fewer H+, while a conjugate acid has one more H+.

The conjugate acid of HCO3- is?

You mean,HCO3 - = bicarbonateH2CO3 = carbonic acid and the conjugate of the above base.

How do you write the conjugate base of each what acids h2so4?

Conjugated bases always have one proton less than its (conjugated) acids:So the conjugated base of carbonic acid ( H2CO3 ) is: hydrogen carbonate, formula HCO3-

What is conjugate base of H2CO3?

There is no such ion as H2CO3- However, the neutral molecule H2CO3 exists. Its conjugate base is the bicarbonate, or hydrogen carbonate ion: HCO3- The conjugate base of the bicarbonate ion is the carbonate ion: CO32-

What is the formula for the conjugate acid of CO3 2?


What is the body's buffering system?

Carbonic acid( H2CO3 ) and its conjugate base bicarbonate[ HCO3(-) ].

What is the formula for the conjugate base of H3PO4?

The conjugate base of H3PO4 is H2PO4.

What is the conjugate base for H2SeO3?

The conjugate base of H2CO3 is HCO3-. Nope, itsHSO3-

What is the conjugate acid of HCO3- and why?

The conjugated acid of HCO3- is: H2CO3, carbonic acid.Conjugated pairs of acid and base always differ ONE (1) proton (H+): The acid WITH and the base WITHOUT it.So, on the other hand the conjugated base of HCO3- is: CO32-, carbonate.

What is the name of the conjugate base found in HF?

The conjugate base of HF is the fluoride ion F-

How does an base differ from its conjugate acid?

The conjugate base results after the acidic hydrogen has been removed from the acid. For instance, if we look at water (a weak acid), then the conjugate base is the hydroxide anion, a strong base. The stronger the acid, the weaker the conjugate base, and vice versa.