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1. A more correct name is Boyle-Mariotte law.

2. This law is a relation between pressure and volume at constant temperature. The equation is:

pV = k

where p is the pressure, V is the volume, k is a constant specific for the system.

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Q: What is the formula of Boyles law?
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What two variables are compared in Boyles law?

The formula of Boyle law is:pressure x volume = constant (at constant temperature, in a closed system)

What gas law is P1v1p2v2?

Boyles Law

Which gas law is inversely proportional?

Boyles law

What are some real life applications of Boyle's law?

When you pop a balloon by overfilling it with air, you are applying Boyles Law. When a nurse fills a syringe before she gives you a shot, she is working with Boyles Law. Sport and commercial diving. Underwater salvage operations rely on Boyles Law to calculate weights from bottom to surface. When your ears pop on a plane as it rises from takeoff, that's Boyles Law in action.

Which equation is Boyles Law?

P1v1 = p2v2

What is an expression of boyles law?

PV= k

Prove Boyles law?

Boyle proved experimentally this law in 1662.

What law states if your pressure increases your volume decreases?

Boyles law

Boyles law is used to measure what?

Boyles law refers to an experimental law involving gas and its pressure, used to measure the volume of that gas. It ultimately measures the pressure and volume of that gas.

What is Boyles law well known for?

Boyle's Law is the inverse relationship between pressure and volume.

Practical application of Gay lussac's law?

practical research of boyles law

Pressure and volume change at a constant temperature who's law is this?

Boyles Law

What state of matter obey's Boyles law?

Liquid The Boyle law is for gases !!

Is boyles law a direct or indirect relationship?

Boyle's Law is an indirect relationship. (Or an inverse)

What gas law is calculated with the pressure and volume variables at a constant temperature?

boyles law

What is boyles law state?

Boyle's Law states that pressure is inversely proportional to volume.

What type of matter does Boyles law tell us about?

The law of Boyle (and Mariotte) is a fundametal law of gases.

State boyles law?

As pressure increases volume decreases

Boyles law relates the pressure of a gas to its?

to the volume of the gas

What are Robert boyles creations?

he invented the formulation of "BOYLE'S LAW"

Does boyles law work?

yes, the Boyle law works in many cases. most of them are confusion

How does the boyles law and Charles law relat to popcorn?

The kinetic and potential energy stored in the corn.

Is boyles law applicable to noble gases?

Yes, they obey the gas law for ideal gases.

What is a real world situation with boyles law?

piston cycle pumb

When the properties of gas does not apply the boyles law?

saya tak tahu