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The force between two massess m1 and m2 is given by

F = G m1 m2 / r^2

G is gravitational constant. r is the distance between the masses.

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The gravitational force between two bodies is F when they are 1 meter apart What will be the gravitational force if they are brought closer so that they are only 0.1 meter apart?

The gravitational force would then be 100F, by manipulating the formula.

What happend to the gravitational force between two objects if the distance between them is decreased?

The gravitational force that one object exerts on another will decrease in magnitude. In the formula for gravitational force, the force is inversely proportional to the square of distance. This means that reducing the distance between the objects will increase the magnitude of gravitational force.

What is the relation connecting acceleration and gravitational force?

The same as the relation between acceleration and any other force. Force = (mass) x (acceleration) If the force happens to be gravitational, then the acceleration is down, and the formula tells you the size of the acceleration. If the acceleration is down and there are no rocket engines strapped to the object, then it's a pretty safe bet that the force is gravitational, and the formula tells you the size of the force.

How does distance affect the gravitational force?

the formula is F = Gm1m2/r2r can be represented for distance.As distance increases, gravitational force decreases.As distance decreases, graivitational force increases.

How do you calculate gravitational constant?

You measure the gravitational force between two objects - this can be done with a Cavendish balance. Then you plug in the numbers (masses, and force) into the universal formula for gravitation.

Gravitational Force Decreases as distance Increases?

Yes, gravitational force decreases as distance increases. Actually it decreases much faster than that! You need to look up the formula.

What is the reason for the difference in gravitations?

Look at the formula for gravitational attraction. Gravitational force may vary depending on the masses involved, and on the distance.

What happens to the gravitational force when the distance is halved?

Since the gravitational force is inversely proportional to r2 , where r is the distance between two separate objects, the gravitational force is increased by 1/(r/2)2. The Gravitational force formula for object of mass m1 and mass m2 is: F = G m1 m2/r2, where F is the gravitational force, G is the universal gravitational constant, and as mentioned r is the distance between the two objects.

Is gravitational force is stronger or weaker?

Gravitational force of the moon is 1/6th the gravitational force of the Earth. The larger the object, the greater gravitational force it will have.

What is the formula for work done by gravitational force?

It's the same as the formula for gravitational potential energy. Under the simplifying assumption that the distance is not too great (and therefore, the gravitational force can be considered constant), you can use the formula:Gravitational potential energy = mgh (i.e., mass x gravity x height).

How does the earths radius affect the gravitational force on a object at its surface?

The Earth and the object exert a gravitational force on each other, but only the Earth's is big enough to measure. So, the formula for gravitational force include the distance from one body's surface to its center and the same for the other body. The length of the radius is directly proportional to the body's gravitational force.

A ball is drop from a height h towards the ground Gravitational Force What formula would be used for calculating the gravitational force exerted by the ball on the earth and vice versa?

Universal Gravitation FormulaSee the link below. the pull of the ball on the Earth

What is the gravitational force on Venus'?

The gravitational force on Venus is 8.624N/Kg because the gravitational force on Earth is 9.8 and gravitational force on Venus is 88% of earth gravitational force and 9.8 times 0.88 is 8.624N/Kg.

What affects the gravitational force between two objects?

-- the product of their individual masses -- the distance between their centers The formula for the gravitational force is given by: force = GMm/r² where G is the gravitational constant, M and m are the masses of the two objects and r is the distance between their centres.

The amount of gravitational force between two objects depends on their masses and the what between them?

Gravitational force depends on the masses of both objects and the distance between them. The formula is Gravitational Force = 6.67428 * 10^-11 * Mass of First Object * Mass of Second Object / Distance^2.

Difference between gravitational force and force of gravity?

force of gravity is d gravitational force of earth but gravitational force is force of attraction for any heavenly body

Why the gravitational force is absent in space?

Gravitational force is not absent in space. In fact, gravitational force is what keeps the universe together. The planets orbit the sun based on gravitational force.

What height beyond the earth surface the gravitational force of earth is inactive?

There is no distance from Earth where the force of gravitational attraction toward it is 'inactive'.The formula for the forces of gravity gives the magnitude of the force at any distance.Note: Any distance.

What kind of force is gravitational force?

Gravitational force is a form of potential energy

The gravitational force?

the force that attracts two matters is called gravitational force.

How centripetal force equals to gravitational force?

The centripetal force is equal to the gravitational force when a particular body is in a circle. For a body that is in an orbit, the gravitational force is equivalent to the centripetal force.

What are the examples of gravitational force?

10 examples of gravitational force

What is the formula on gravitational force for mass of the earth?

The formula is: weight = mass x gravity Where "gravity" is the gravitational field; in the case of Earth, it is approximately 9.8 newton/kilogram = 9.8 meters/second squared.

Why is the sun the only gravitational force?

The sun is not the only gravitational force but it is the strongest, the earth has a gravitational force, the moon has a gravitational force etc. Any two objects have a gravitational force between them that is proportional to their masses and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them.

What property of matter is a measure of gravitational force?

When measured on Earth, it is the property of weight.Related information:Gravitational force is a force between two objects, given by this formula:Fg = G M1 M2 / r2Fg = the gravitational force. r = the straight line distance between the centers of the two objects. M1 and M2 = the masses of the two objects, respectively. G = the gravitational constant.

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