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Time calculation metods of ic 4060 at different pins

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Q: What is the formula of time delay for ic CD4060?
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Is cd4060 is op-amp ic?

NO, the CD4060 is a digital IC not an analog IC. Specifically the CD4060 is a 14 bit binary counter.This is why manufacturers publish databooks and datasheets for their parts (and you can now even look them up online with Google, as I did).

How does ic 7447 works?

can i use ic 7476 as time delay

What is the functioning of IC CD4011?

This IC is mainly used in Inverter circuits. It's very compact and has a very high life in inverter circuits.

What ic the chemical formula ofC2S4?

Dicarbon tetrasulfide

What is the formula to calculate beta DC?

beta dc= ic/ib!!

Could somebody tell me the Cost ordering formula?

It derives from Q formula that is already mentioned above OC = Q2 . IC . UC / AD . 2 where, AD = Annual Demand UC = Cost per unit IC = Inventory Carrying Cost

Calculate the DC base current of a transistor circuit if the DC collector current is 4.9mA and the DC emitter current is 5mA?

Emitter current can be summed up by the formula: IE = IC+ IB Where IE = Emitter Current, IC = Collector Current, and IB = Base Current So simply take IE - IC and you'll get an IB of about 100uA. (5mA-4mA = .1mA or 100uA) Also, remember that IB controls IC and IE, not the other way around. You can also determine IB if Beta is known by the formula: IC = IB * Beta Which can be manipulated to equal IB = IC/Beta Hope this was helpful.

What Are The Applications of IC555?

An IC 555 is used as as a timer, as an astable and monostable multivibrator and as a square wave generator.

How do you find the ic no and ic details?

The IC code is on the actual IC, you can find out its details by searching the IC code on Google.

What is price of adc ic?

The price of adc ic is changed by different time, often there is a reference price, if you want to know the truely price, suggest you send an inqury on the IC trade website such as TBF, and so on.,

What is bipolar ic?

ic made from bjt is known as bipolar ic

What are the Examples for linear ic and nonlinear ic?

op amp linear ic 7805 non linear ic