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What is the formula of white gold?


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October 14, 2012 7:59PM

Well,white gold never existed, but any industry to create the best white gold formula alloys is the one go to make big money. Because the consumer is looking for the best precious metal alloys; any person that has his or her own real pure solid white gold formula alloys, is not in their best interest to specify the formula to any other person. In this world we have more that 181 precious metals to combine to produce your own white gold formula; you only make sure when you find the formula that pass the acid,and magnet test, you can make jewelry to not loose the white color for life. Yellow gold with Rhodium is not real pure color white gold. You do not need yellow gold to create the karat 10k threw 21k to past the acid and magnet test.With all the problem to create yellow gold with Rhodium the jewelry industry, lied to the consumers that it is white gold when its not. Now we have to guaranty the pure solid white gold formula alloys for life time, or money back guaranty! Think good Wake Up. Real pure solid white gold formula alloys precious metals is the best to create white gold, and that it is not yellow gold alloys with Rhodium. Sincerely, see web page. Living Life Enterprises Presents. For the best interest to the consumers.