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Q: What is the frequency of a tone that is one octave lower than 6080?
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Does bass trombone play an octave lower?

No, not a full octave, but it does have a lower range than a tenor trombone.

Is a note with a frequency of 262 hz lower than a note with a frequency of 880 hz?

That is correct. 262 Hz is the frequency of the note "middle C" on a piano keyboard, while 880 Hz is the frequency of the note A one octave above the note A above middle C on a piano keyboard.

What is the frequency of a note one octave higher than 200Hz?


What is the transposing effect of going an octave lower on a music piece?

Not sure what you're question's asking, but transposing music is taking an existing piece of music in one key and putting it into another key note for note. So it would be the same melody in a different key. The effect of sounding a melody an octave lower would be to make it "deeper" sounding. Going from the sound of a woman's voice to a man's voice would be the most obvious example. On a keyboard, moving to the left 7 white notes would make the sound an octave lower. The sound of a 'cello is approximately and octave lower than a viola. The sound of a double bass is approximately an octave lower than a 'cello. The sound of a tuba is approximately an octave lower than a tenor trombone. The sound of a flute is approimately an octave lower than a piccolo. Lower sounds tend to be less brilliant to our ear and more mellow than higher sounds generally.

Is F sharp lower than G flat?

F sharp and G flat are the same. F sharp is a half octave up from a F and a G flat is a half octave lower than a G.

A wave with a frequency that is lower than red?

Red waves have the lowest frequency of all light waves; there is no wave with a lower frequency.

How do you use alto in a sentence?

The alto boys and girls are an octave lower than soprano.

Does the color red have a lower frequency than the color green?

Yes, red has a lower frequency than green. It therefore has a longer wavelength.

Why do all the holes on a saxophone maake a diffeent sound?

The pitch of the sax is determined by the frequency of the wave that is produced in a column of air inside the instrument. The vibrating reed sets up the wave, but the frequency will vary as the length of the wave changes. Stated simply, the wave will extend from the mouthpiece to the first open key on the instrument. The longer the wave, the lower (slower) the frequency and the lower the pitch. Add to this the octave key. An open octave key interrupts the wave, preventing it from being the full length of the column of air. Instead the wave will be half the length and two full wave lengths will fit between the mouthpiece and the first open key. Since the wave is only half as long, it will be twice as fast (and sound an octave higher) than the note without the open octave key.

Is the trombone lower than the bari sax?

Tuba, it is the longest so it creates the lowest tones. In order it would be tuba, baritone and trombone. Baritone and trombone are basically the same but baritone sounds a bit better at the lowest part of its range.

What does Infrared waves have lower frequency than?


What instrument has the lowest note tuba or Euphonuim?

The tuba is an octave lover than the euphonium so it is lower