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Q: What is the frequency of a wave in one second?
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A wave has a frequency of 250 hertz. What is the period of the wave?

One second 0.004

A frequency of one sound wave per second is called?

Frequency is related by 1/Time. The unit is hertz (hz). One sound wave a second would yield a frequency of 1 hz.

What has the lowest frequency short wave or long wave radio?

Short wave frequency has a shorter wave length. Frequency is defined as number of cycles per second. If you have shorter waves (measure from peak to peak) you can get more of these packed into one second, so the frequency is higher.

What is the frequency of a sound wave that has thirty compressions in one second?

The frequency is 30 per second, or 30 'Hertz'.

How are the period and the frequency of a wave reletated?

The period of a wave is defined as the time taken by a wave to complete one oscillation. While, the frequency of a wave is defined as the number of oscillations completed by a wave in one second.

What is a frequency of one wave per second?

1 Hz

What is the period of one second frequency?

A wave or other periodic phenomenon with a period of 1 second has a frequency of 1 Hz.

What is the number of cycles of a wave that passes a stationary point in one second is called its?

Wave Frequency.

A frequency of one cycle per second in a wave is called one?


The number of wavelengths that pass a fixed point each second is?

No that is frequency. Wavelength is how long it takes one wave to pass a certain point fully once

What is number of wave crests or troughs that pass one place each second?

That's the wave's frequency.

If you make a wave in a rope so that one wave passes every second what is its frequency?

1 hertz.