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10 Terahertz to 100 Terahertz (10,000,000,000,000 to 100,000,000,000,000 hertz)

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10^14 to 10^12 around

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Q: What is the frequency of infra red?
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What is a low frequency wave?

Radio waves are the lowest frequency waves. Next are microwaves, then infra-red waves.

Which light has a lower frequency than an infra-red radiation?

Microwaves and radio waves.

Infra red frequency Hz?

10 Tera hertz to 400 Tera hertz.

How green house gasese are the more or less problem than carbon dioxide?

Greenhouse gasses are called that because they are opaque to low frequency infra-red, but transparent to high frequency infra-red. Thus the sun's heat, which is high frequency infra-red, can penetrate to the earth's surface, which warms up and emits low frequency infra-red, which is trapped in the atmosphere. This makes the atmosphere act like a greenhouse by trapping heat. There are a number of such gasses, such as metahane and carbon-dioxide. This is a highly controversial subject since the leading "sceintist" studying the matter was caught fabricating data.

Does ultraviolet light have a lower frequency than visible light?

No, "infra" means below, "ultra" means above. Infra red light is below red and ultra violet is above violet light.

What is the release of energy from the sun?

Electromagnetic radiation in the infra red, visible, and ultra violet frequency ranges

How is heat tranferred by radiation?

First of all it is important to note that heat and infra-red rays are NOT the same thing. When an object gets really hot it starts to glow, emitting red light at first, (hence the phrase: 'red hot') because red is the least frequency. Hotter objects emit light of higher frequency. A light bulb and the Sun are both examples of this. But infra-red rays are even lower in frequency than red light. Infra-red rays are emitted in the same way by objects at room temperature. That means you, your computer and everything around you are 'glowing' with this infra-red radiation. Infra-red rays carry energy between objects at the speed of light. This process causes relatively hot objects to cool down faster.

Which colour has the minimum frequency?

Of the colors of visible light, that would be red. Note that there are electromagnetic waves with an even lower frequency - for example, infrared - but those are not visible to human eyes.

What are the infra red radiation sources?

Anything that has a temperature emits IR radiation. Hotter things emit more at a higher frequency. Then they become Red.

What has a longer wave length a infrared radiation or red light?

Infrared radiation has a lower frequency and longer wavelength than red light. Note that "infra" means "below" in this case referring to the lower frequency.

How does remote central locking work?

Either via Infra-Red or Radio Frequency key fob programmed with a receiver in your vehicle.

What is the scientific definition of colors?

The frequency of light that is reflected or emitted by an object. So, every frequency represent another colour. Not every frequency is visible for the human eye (e.g. infra red, ultra violet).