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Legendary island. If you recruit any of the you will get Legendary island.

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Q: What is the friend area for zapdosarticono and moltres?
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How do I get motres' friend area?

If it's the second time you fight Moltres you can recruit Moltres. you don't have to get Moltres friend area. it's automatic after you recruit Moltres

What is Moltres' Friend Area in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon?

Moltres' Friend Area is Legendary Island. You get Legendary Island upon recruiting Moltres, Zapdos, or Articuno.

What is moltres friend area in mystery dugeon?

Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres all share a common friend area called Legendary Island. You can't buy this friend area from Wigglytuff; it will automatically appear once you recruit any one of the three legendary bird pokemon.

In Pokemon Red mystery dungeon how do you get Zapdos' friend area?

That would be Legendary Island. You get it when you recrit Articuno, Zapdos, or moltres.

How do you get the three legendary birds red rescue?

Battle Moltres twice and you will get all 3s friend area, then battle zapdos after you recruit Moltres and it will join the team Articuno takes more then 3 tries before it joins the team.

How do you recruit moltres?

(Pokemon red rescue team,game boy advance.)Ok.It is simple to recruit Moltres onto your team. I did! After your first time defeating Moltres it won't ask to join your team. But after you go back for the second or third time and defeat it it will ask to join. Simple.And if Moltres does join it's friend area is Ledgendary Island.I hope it works for you like it did for me!

How do you get Moltres in your team in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Red Rescue Team?

When you're a fugitive in the game. your supposed to go to a volcano, and if you give Moltres a good enough battle and win, he'll ask to be recruited (took me like 16 tries). Good way for you to get Moltres, Ok, You save at the Kangaskan Statue before facing Moltres. Then beat it several times. and then if your lucky enough, It might ask to be recruited. Then how do you get legendary island???? (friend area for Moltres)

What is the wonder mail to unlock silver trench?

there is none. you have to recruit articuno, zapdos, and moltres and then talk to alakazam. you then go to their friend area and they will unlock silver trench.

How can you get the silver trench dungeon in Pokemon redrescue team inGBA?

recruit all zapdos,moltres and articuno then talk to alakazam and go to their friend area automatically obtained by recruiting them

What is Zapdos's friend area in Pokemon red rescue team?

the same as moltres and articuno, you get it automatic. its the legendary island, you need all three Pokemon's for the sliver trench were lugia is.

How do you get silver trench in Pokemon Red rescue?

you must recruit articuno, zapdos, and moltres. go to their friend area they will give you a vertex gem silver trench is now unlocked

Do you need to be a certain rank or level to get to silver trench in Pokemon red rescue?

no all you have to do is get the three birds.(zapdos,moltres,and articuno) then talk to alakazam and he will tell you to go to their friend area.

Why do you get all 3 legendary Pokemon red rescue team?

zapdos: mt.thunder moltres: mt.blaze articuno: frosty forest if one of them joins your rescue team, you will automatically get their friend area

How do you get lengendery island on red rescue team?

You have to fight moltres, articuno, or zapdos and have them join. Their friend area (Legendary Island) comes with them once they join you. To get a legendary Pokemon you have to: Only use attacks You have to do the last blow (You don't have to but it's alot better if you do) Friend bow Most of the times the friend area comes with the Pokemon. You also need room for it in your team

What is kyogres friend area?

if you be friend it it gives you its friend area

Who was moltres when moltres is not evolving?

nothing moltres doesn't evolve

In what island in Pokemon FireRed do you get moltres?

island one...go to mt ember and moltres is at the topMt.EmberTo get moltres you have to go to mount emberFirst you have to beat the elite four, then you go to Mt. Ember which is on One Island, and Moltres wil be at the top.In Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen, Moltres can be found on Mt Ember on One Island. If you climb to the absolute top of the mountain, you will find Moltres. However, you need Strength to access the area.On victory roadMoltres can be found at Mt. Ember, on One Island.

Will someone trade me a tododile for a moltres my friend code is 3223-7270-2626?

... maby ------------------------------------------------

Which one Arcanine or moltres?


In mystery dungeon blue rescue team what is Groudons friend area?

the friend area of groudon is not really important. you dont need the friend area to recruit it. it joins you and the friend area comes with it.

Why is my moltres pink?

because it is a shiny Moltres

When was Moltres created?

Moltres was created in 1996.

What is latioses and latiases friend area?

Their friend area is Southern Island.

What is mew twos friend area on Pokemon red rescue team?

Its friend area is Cryptic Cave and can be brought from the friend area shop

In Pokemon Mystery Dungeon how do you get legendary island?

To get legendary island go to articuno,zapdos or moltres and recruit either one of them. you can recruit them one by one. just walk in circles in the battle field at least 3 times. You can recruit other legendary Pokemon by doing the same thing. Once you recruit zapdos ,articuno or moltres you will automaticly get the friend area legendary island.