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In some locations, the cell membrane forms internal folds in the cytoplasm called mesosomes.

Denying all claims of having functional role, recent studies have shown that mesosomes are artifacts of preparation, resulting from stain fixation.

References: The Cell, A Molecular Approach, 5th Edition

An Introduction to Cell Biology, Edition 2010

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Q: What is the function and structure of the mesosome?
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What are mesosomes and what function do they have?

They act as an anchor to bind and pull apart daughter chromosomes during cell division. the cell membrane invagenate into cytoplasm this forming structure is called mesosome.

What is a mesosome?

A mesosome is the term used for a folded-in place found on the side of a bacteria that has been prepared as a slide. This structure appears when bacterial cells have been fixed to a slide by chemical means. It is not seen when the same types of cells are frozen instead.

What is bacterial mesosome?

these are vesicular lamellar or tubular pockets formed by the invagination of the cell membrane . These structure are more prevalent in gram +ve bacteria .Due to presence of respiratory enzymes and in the absence of mitochondria , mesosomes are said to be respiratory in function .

Does plant cell have Mesosome?


What is the function of mesosome?

Just invaginations in gram positive bacteria due to chemical fixing. Now just considered artifacts of said fixing.

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Is mesosome is prokaryotic?

Yes it is in prokariyotes. It is the respiratory organelle.

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