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the function of a cd is to store data

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Q: What is the function of a CD?
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What is the function of CD?

the function of a cd is to store data

What is the function of a CD drive?

....... *headdesk*

Will resetting the radio in the Honda accord affect the CD player?

The CD player will not function until the radio is reset.

Can you burn CD's without WiFi?

Yes, this is an internal function of the computer. You need a writable cd and the file on your computer.

After stopping a CD on a portable CD player how do I resume play at the point where I turned it off?

If you have a CD player with a resume mode, all you have to do is turn on the resume function, usually on the back of the CD player, and then after you stop the CD, all you have to do is press play again.

Do all CD players for your car resume where you left off on the CD after you shut off the car and than start it again later?

Not all CD players have this function,it is a special feature.

What is the function of the CD RAM?

The function of a CD to a computer is read only. A CD is used to view information stored on a computer and easily removed to transport to another location like sneaker netting. A CD-R is for reading and recording data that you do not wish to have saved only to the computer.

What is the function of the readmetxt file on included on the windows 9xMe installation CD?

The function of this file is to provide information for the installment of Windows 9xMe.

What is a roxie easy CD creator?

A Roxio Easy CD Creator is a software that allows on to create a CD or DVD by ripping another CD or DVD. This software can be useful as there is a lower chance of errors rather than using the copy function on the computer.

How do you put a picture on the front of a CD-R?

In order to put a picture on front of a CD-R you must have a graphics program that performs the function. The programs either laser etch the picture or actually print it on the CD.

What is the function of the Scientific Linux Live CD?

The Scientic Linux Live CD is a bootable CD that runs Linux directly from CD without downloading installing it.Its based on Scientific Linux (SN),which is recompiled from RedHat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) source.

Name of Software diagnostic program that tests both memory and CPU function?

You can use a LIVE boot CD, per exemple, UBCD, you download it for free here: burn it to a CD using your favorite CD burner, then boot from the CD. You can then choose an from an extensive list of softwares that are in the CD.