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It tells you the weight of what you want weighed. Some digital scales have a speaker when they tell you the weight.

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Q: What is the function of a digital scale?
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What is a digital scale?

A digital scale is a scale that measures mass but the numbers pop up digitally.

What does a half ounce look like on a digital scale?

It is 0.5 on a digital scale

What is a function of a scale?

Function of a spring scale

What is the function of a scale?

Function of a spring scale

Is a digital weight scale as accurate as the old fashioned ones?

An old fashioned dial scale is more accurate than a digital scale. The error rate for digital scale is only 1%, which isn't too bad.

Digital Scale?

form_title= Digital Scale form_header= Weigh items easily. What size scale do you need?*= _ [50] What do you need the scale to measure?*= _ [50] Do you want the scale delivered?*= () Yes () No

Who created the first digital scale?

The creation of the original digital scale is in doubt. However, the patent for the digital scale was submitted in 1980 by inventors Richard Loshbough and Edward Pryor in the United States.

What is the function of scale leaves?

What is the function of scale leaves on an onion

How many grams is 3.2 on a digital scale?

Look for the units on the Scale itself. It may either be milligrams or grams itself, depending upon your Digital scale. it would equal 3200 g on a scale

What are some common uses for a digital gram scale?

The digital gram scale is very useful for weighting objects of small weight. It is also very precise. They also last way longer than a non digital scale.

What is the maximum capacity of a digital scale?

The capacity of a digital scale varies by its calibration, and the precision of the scale depends on what the use of the device is going to be, extremely sensitive in a goldsmiths workplace, and a little more relaxed in a bathroom scale.

Does WalMart have a Digital Weight Scale for sale?

WalMart does sell digital weight scales for sale at good prices. WalMart has several varieties of digital weight scales for sale. Their "Weight Watchers Digital Weight Tracker Scale" is available for $27.12, and they have several other types available as well--including a "no-slip" digital scale.