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The word "flagella" is plural so the proper term to use for this question would be "flagellum". A flagellum is an organ of locomotion in single cell organisms. In other words, the flagellum help the organism move around.

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A flagella enables an organism to travel. Flagella are whip like tails that are used to propel the organism forward.

A flagella is how some cells and microorganisms travel. Flagella are whip like tails that are used to propel the organism forward.

to move a single celled organism

In unicellular organisms, cells move by the flagella. The flagella is/are tiny hair like objects that wave around so the organism can move. They are located on the outer surface of the organism too.

what is the function of oxygen in most living organism

Every living organism respire. It is a vital function of living

The function of flagella in a cell is that it provides locomotion, which is the power or ability to move.

Cell ,is basic unit of structure and function in a living organism .

A sperm cell does, also the Protoctista organism Ameoba does.

A biflagellate is an organism which has two flagella.

The pseudopod is said to be similar to the flagella because they are both extensions to the organism.

A gene is a molecular unit of heredity of any living organism. The function of the gene is to carry all the information required to form the organism, which is like the parent organism.

The flagella are primarily used for movement and as such, interact with the environment outside the organism or cell.

flagella is a locomotary organ for some micro-organisms,if flagella is not present there is no locomotion hence can be attacked by any organism and can be destroyed

No, because living organisms breathe...and bacteria is an organism and it doesnt breathe(i think)?!!In biology organism and living organism are the same.The word organism may broadly be defined as "an assembly of molecules that function as a more or less stable whole and has the properties of life".

The main function of any living organism is to propagate, while some organisms have symbiotic relations with others there main function is self preservation.

they whip around and move the organism

Trichomoniasis is a parasite. It is a single-celled organism with prominent flagella.

Fats and oils are used to storge energy in a living organism

flagella ,which helps in motility of organism. type of flagella peritricous , monotricous

The major function of the flagella is to move the cell. It's like a long whip which helps it move around and stuff.

Cilia , flagella, and pseudopodia all help an organism move. They are also all thin, hair-like structures. Cilia are shorter than flagella. Flagella are whip-like.

a group of similar cells that perform a common function

a group of similar cells that perform a common function