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the function of the liver in a dogfish shark is to store oils that keep the shark afloat. ( because nonpolar oil does not mix with the surrounding polar water)

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What is the function of a pancreas in a dogfish shark?


What is the function of the stomach of a dogfish shark?

to help with digestion

What adaptations does a dogfish shark have?

Dogfish shark have oils in their body that helps them swim in the water.

What is the name of European shark or dogfish when cooked?

European Shark = Eurofried shark Dogfish = Fish crisped dog

What is the scientific name of a Dogfish shark?

the scientific name of a spiney dogfish shark is : Squalus acanthias

What color is the liver of A shark?

A shark liver is a pinkish reddish color just like the human liver is. A sharks liver has the main function of storing oil.

What is another name for a dogfish?

Dogfish is a slang term for a shark.

What is the most common shark?

spiny dogfish shark

What is the function of the largest organ found in a shark?

The largest organ found in a shark is the liver the function of it is that it produces oil so that the shark can float.

How many teeth do dogfish sharks have?

how many teech does the dogfish shark have

Is the dogfish a shark or a fish?


How many lobes are there in the liver of a dogfish?

Dogfish have 3 lobes in their liver, 2 large lobes and 1 central small lobe.

What animals eat spiny dogfish shark?

Killer whales, Seals, Cod, Red Hake, Goosefish, and other Spiny Dogfish Sharks have been known to eat the Spiny Dogfish Shark.

What kind of fish is dogfish?

A type of shark.

How many babies does a dogfish shark have?

about 5

How did the dogfish shark get its name?

because who ever asked this question must be desperate Nobody ever asks randomly, "hmm how did the dogfish shark get its name?"

What water do dogfish live in?

Dogfish live in salt waters. oceans, imagine it as a smaller shark.

What does the spiracle lead in a dogfish shark?

Spiracles are located on the head and let water go through the gills. The gill goes to the respiratory system of the dogfish shark.

What is the Difference between cuttlefish and a dogfish?

A cuttlefish is related to the squid, a dogfish is related to the shark, they are NOTHING alike.

What is the life cycle of the Smooth Dogfish Shark?


What does the spline do in a dogfish shark?

regulates urinary tract

Is the spiny dogfish shark oviparous or ovivoparous?


Does a dogfish shark molt?

No It does not I got taught that in science

What do dogfish eat?

dogfish shark mostly eat fish(including other sharks) but also squid and octopus

Is a dogfish shark called other names?

Yes, the dogfish is also known as: Greyfish Squalus acanthias Spinarola

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