What is the function of capillaries in the leaf?


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function of capillaries in leaf

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Function of capillaries are to connect arteries to venules.the best i can do! HOPE IT HELPS!:P

what is the function of blade of a leaf

The function of the capillaries is the diffusion of materials (gasses, molecules, water) between (both directions) blood and cells of the body.

The function of the capillaries in the circulatory system is to allow diffusion of wastes, oxygen, and nutrients to the tissues. The rest of the circulatory system is designed to move the blood to the capillaries so they can perform this function.

Capillaries are small blood vessels and they are the end structures of arteries. Their main function is to transport oxygen-rich blood to the body.

Capillaries have extremely thin walls which allow the diffusion of oxygen and nutrients to surrounding tissues.

what is the function of each of the following external parts of a leaf?

there is no particular function for the apex

The function of the veins in a leaf to help the leaf keep its shape just like how a handle on an umbrella helps it to keep its shape.

function of anchoring filaments are to held open the lymphatic capillaries. Datuna

Because the leaf structure do not have the ability to store the starch molecules

the function of leaf is to generate food for plant .

its function is to absorb sunlight for photosynthesis

The function of a plant leaf is to provide a structure in which chloroplasts can be exposed to sunlight so that they can perform photosynthesis.

The blood vessels, which include the capillaries, function to distribute nutrients such as glucose and oxygen to the body tissues and to carry wastes such as carbon dioxide and urea away from the tissues to be excreted.

The outer part of the leaf is called the cuticle. It is a waxy layer and does not comprise of live cells. It's function is to prevent the leaf from desiccation (drying out).

Main function of all blood vessels is transport of blood but specific function of capillaries is exchange of materials.

The functions of the epidermis in the leaf is to protect the underlying tissues.

external structure of the leaf is nica borromeo

Capillaries are the smallest blood vessels in the human body. Their main function is to assist with the exchange of water, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and many nutrients.

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