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Cement, or more correctly, Portland cement, named after the person who perfected making it, is essentially limestone that is burned in a kiln, then pulverized to a fine, fine dust.

Think of Portland cement as 'Instant limestone', because when you mix it with water, the water chemically combines with the cement to form a hard, hard product that is durable, has high compressive strength, and resembles limestone.

After the Portland cement dust is made, it is mixed with a large proportion of clay -- just plain, ordinary potter's clay -- and also a bit of gypsum and other trace ingredients that all work to make the cement set up harder and faster.

In concrete, Portland cement makes the concrete "cure", to set up, that is, to chemically combine with the water. The product is a very durable, very strong, very fast-curing aggregate, using sand and stones to fill in between each other and the cement particles.

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the main function is adhesion material between the components of concrete mix, cement needs water to react and form this property.


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Q: What is the function of cement in making concrete?
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What is the advantage of adding both fine and course aggregate to cement when making concrete?

they give a goodstrength for concrete

How many kg of cement for 1m3 concrete?

there are 108 20kg bags of concrete to 1 cu mtr. If your making your own mix using dry mix concrete requiring cement and water, and your making a mix ratio of 5:1, then you divide 108 by 6 = 18. therefore: 18x20kg bags of cement to 1800kgs of dry concrete mix.

What is cement concrete?

Concrete actually contains cement as well as sand and gravel. We say "cement concrete" because cement is an ingredient in concrete. And because the cement is what binds together the sand and gravel that make up the concrete.

How is concrete made from cement?

Concrete is to bread as cement is to flour. Concrete is a mixture of sand, gravel, cement, and water.

What is more stronger pure cement or cement mix with sand?

The sand and stone adds a binding quality to the cement making the concrete or plaster stronger than pure cement.

What are the main functions of Portland cement?

It serves as the binder for sand and gravel when making concrete.

What Sedimentary rock is used in cement?

The sedimentary rock that is used in making cement is limestone. Cement, which is used in making concrete, is a mixture of marl and lime.

How is cement used in concrete?

Cement, sand and stone is what concrete is made of. Cement is the binding agent.

What Percentage of cement is used in concrete in a house?

the concrete used in a house is 47% cement

What is the purpose of cement in concrete?

cement is the binder for concrete like glue with out it you have mud with rocks

How many yards of cement needed for a 40x60 patio?

Thickness? Do you mean cement or concrete - cement is the binder/adhesive in the concrete.

What is drying shrinkage in concrete?

Loss of water held in gel spores that causes the change in volume.It is a function of the fineness and gel.Cement paste shrinks more than cement mortar and cement mortar shrinks more than concrete.