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What is the function of generator?

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The answer will depend on the context.

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Why it is called as logic function generator?

this generator operates using logical function thats why is called as logic function generator

How does a function generator work?

with the help of function generator we found wave in oscilloscope

What is difference between function generator and function generator?

To the untrained eye, they appear identical in both form and function.

What is the difference of function generator and sweep generator?

function generator is a device which can generate diff rent kinds of waveforms (sine,square,,etc..). but sweep generator can only generate sawtooth or ramp function ,,,,,,

The function of a generator is to?

i like this

What is the function of a digital generator?

digital generator nothing but square wave generator or astable multivibrator

What is the purpose of a function generator?

A function generator creates electrical waveforms. The purpose is for developing and testing electric equipment.

What are the uses of a function generator?

A function generator is a piece of electronic test equipment. Its main use is to generate electrical waveforms.

Difference between function generator and signal generator?

A signal generator is one which generates only sine wave and function generator generates all types of signals like square, rectangular, pulse, triangular, ramp.

What is the function of function generator?

function generator generates different types of functions to cro. And it can send analog signals to cro to create their graphical representation, and by it we can vary frequency and amplitude of the given wave function

Give the function of its part of dc generator?

The function of a DC generator is to typically produce a direct current. This is accomplished over armature segments.

How can you compare the function of a generator with the function of an electric motor?

An electric motor converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. While an electrical generator does the opposite.

Working of function generator?

After powering on the function generator, the output signal needs to be configured to the desired shape. Typically, this means connecting the signal and ground leads to an oscilloscope to check the controls. Adjust the function generator until the output signal is correct, then attach the signal and ground leads from the function generator to the input and ground of the device under test. For some applications, the negative lead of the function generator should attach to a negative input of the device, but usually attaching to ground is sufficient

What is the function of excitation on a generator?

to give the excitation in generator field for produce necessary magnetic field.

What the function of exciter generator?

A Large electrical generator has a field winding which requires power from somewhere, so you often see a second smaller generator mounted on the genreator backshaft. This is the field generator, or exciter generator.

Why IC XR2206 is preferred more as a function generator?

Hmmm, probably because among all the "classic" function generator ICs, this is the only one you can still buy.

The function of a generator is to change?

mechanical energy into electrical energy.

Electricity Generator engine parts and function?

please give me the answer

What is the function of armature winding of a generator?

for producing magnetic field

What is a function generator?

Function generator can better be called as signal generator.It produces different types of signal like sine, saw tooth, triangular, pulse wave forms etc... can be produced.For testing any circuits which input must be a wave form like oscillator circuits function generator is used.

Design principles of function generator?

A: A function generator do just that output a function from any input. It can be as simple as sine wave, square wave, sawtooth, and ramp generator principle is to provide amplifiers that the output are gated to limits allows sum and subtract the input to provide the desired function. It looks more like an analogue computer when finished if it is very complex in design.

Difference between signal generator and function generator?

A signal generator provides a high-fidelity sine wave signal ranging from low frequencies to many GHz. Attenuation, modulation, and sweeping are typical features of a signal generator.A function generator is a lower-frequency instrument that typically provides sine, square, pulse, triangle and ramp waveforms. Function generators provide these standard functions from DC to a few MHz, and provide large voltage ranges.

What will happen if less current rating fuse is connected to function generator?

By reducing the output fusing of a generator, the total output of the generator will also be reduced. The capacity of the generator will remain the same but the fault trip point will be lowered.

What is the function of dynamo in diesel generator?

The diesel generator gives the rotary motion to the dynamo and the dynamo converts this motion in to the electric motion.

What is the function of every generator on earth?

Basically to generate electricity of energy.