What is the function of grana?

Updated: 12/12/2022
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photosynethesize the plant cell

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Q: What is the function of grana?
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What are the stacks of thylakoids called?

Granum (singular) or grana

What is the grana?

Grana is stacks of thylakoids that are found in chloroplast.

What does the word grana mean?

The word grana has two meanings. A grana can be one of the components of a chloroplast in a plant. A grana can also refer to Italian cheese of a hard, mature consistency. Examples of grana cheese include Parmesan and Romano.

What is the population of Monterosso Grana?

The population of Monterosso Grana is 597.

What occur in grana?

The light dependent reactions of photosynthesis occurs in the grana. The grana contain the thylakoids that houses the green pigment, chlorophyll.

What are the stacks of thylakoids found inside chloroplasts called?


Which term refers to a stack of thylakoids?

A stack of thylakoids within the chloroplast is called GRANA

What is grana?

grana is a part of a plant studied in science and a part of a chloroplast.

What is the area of Monterosso Grana?

The area of Monterosso Grana is 42.2 square kilometers.

When was Hernán Grana born?

Hernán Grana was born on 1985-04-12.

What is stroma in chloroplast?

-grana (stacks of thylakoids) -thylakoids

Is grana padano cheese unpasteurised?

Real Grana Padano is made with unpasteurised milk.