What is the function of the gastrocnemius?

The gastrocnemius muscle functions in plantar flexing the foot at the ankle joint and flexing the leg at the knee joint. It is used in standing, running, walking and jumping.
The gastrocnemius muscle is locate in the back of your lower leg. It is responsible for helping with walking, running and jumping.
The gastronemius muscle (or calf muscle) is used to extend the foot.
flexes leg
The gastrocnemius muscle is to my beleif that it is connected with the soleus and to the Achilles tendon or so called calcaneal tendon I believe that this muscle is a function that helps you move the leg farther eg. ( if you run you will feel that muscle of the back of your leg stiffen),my beleif is that when you run that muscle stretches and can causes you to run faster.When you grow up your gastrocnemius with grow larger to and the larger it gets the more it can expand. If you flex that muscle you could easily see it. I think that this muscle is what makes you run without it there we be no use for walking, running, and jogging.
James Cuellar. Age.11

The gastrocnemius is a large muscle group on the back of the lower leg. It helps you point your toe by pulling on your heel.