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What is the function of the heart?


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April 26, 2017 1:50PM

The human heart is the pump in our circulatory system. We know blood needs to move around within our bodies to supply building materials to our cells while taking waste away. And we also know that the blood must be in constant circulation to do this. The muscles of the heart contract in rhythm to force blood through our circulatory system, which is made up of the arteries and veins. In this closed system, pressure developed at a point is felt throughout the whole system, and the heart develops that pressure.

The heart's main function is to pump blood, making it the functional core of the circulatory system. Incoming, deoxygenated blood is pumped through the right side of the heart and to the lungs, where the carbon dioxide is replaced with fresh oxygen. This renewed, oxygen-rich blood the makes it way back to the left side of the heart, where it is then pumped back out to the rest of the body where it starts its journey around and back all over again.