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Q: What is the function of the net in badmenton?
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What are the disadvantages of badmenton?

Poor spelling?

What is Indonesia's national sports?


Who are the game officials in badmenton?


What is the name of the ball they use in badmenton?

It is called a shuttlecock. It has 16 feathers on it.

What is the function of hair net?

The function of the hair net is to control loose hair so that it does not fall into and contaminate the food being prepared.

Misconduct on badmenton?

Attacking your opponent with your racketshoving your 'shuttlecock' in their facechasing them around the court

What is clr and its function?

It is execution engine of .net also called as heart of .net architecture

What does the NPV function do in Excel?

You use the NPV function. Start by specifying the rate and follow it with a list of future values that you want to help determine your result. So you could have something like this:=NPV(5%,10,20)

What is the meaning of the badmenton?

it's spelled badminton,brainiac. This is a game played with tennis rackets and a birdie. A birdie is a ball with a plastic net attached to it. The players hit the ball back and forth, and the first person to miss the ball loses. At least, that is the way i play it.

In what place was badmenton introduced?

The court of Henry VIII. Historians found a badminton ball at Hampton Court.

How do you calculate net income from balance sheet?

You can't ! it's a function of the Profit and Loss Statement. Income from previous years will appear on the balance sheet...but Net Income is a P&L Function.

What is the net force of an object that is sitting still?

Since force is a function of acceleration and an object at rest has zero acceleration, then then net force is zero as well.