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What is the function of the vasomotor center?

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vasomotor centre is under medullary control and is responsible for vasoconstriction /vasodilatation so that blood pressure is maintained.

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How does a disabled vasomotor center affect blood pressure?

damage to the vasomotor center will cause a loss of vasomotor tone and a drop in blood pressure, because the vasomotor center is the integrating center for blood pressure control.

What is the effect of vasomotor center damage on blood pressure?

Damage to your vasomotor center increases blood pressure.

Where is the vasomotor center?

in the brain

Where is the vasomotor center located in the brain?

in the medulla oblongata.

Where is The cardiac and vasomotor center are located?

medulla oblongata

The vasomotor center is located in the medulla?

The vasomotor centre is 1 of 3 parts to the medula oblongata. the vasomotor centre controls the body's blood pressure and some other homeostatic processes

What part of the brain contains vasomotor center?

medulla oblongata

What nuclei regulates the contraction of smooth muscle in blood vessel walls?

vasomotor center

What controls blood vessel diameter?

the vasomotor center regulates the diameter of blood vessels

What function does the medulla perform?

The medulla contains an autonomic reflex center involved in maintaining homeostasis of important visceral organs. Including the cardiac center which adjusts force and rate of heart contraction and the vasomotor center that regulates blood pressure by acting on smooth muscle in the walls of peripheral arterioles. Lastly, the respiratory center which controls the depth and rhythm of breathing.

What drug will inhibit the the sympathetic vasomotor center?

Angiotensin-Coverting Agents will block the sympathetic vasomotor center's response. For instance, all the drugs the ends with pril.Benazepril (Lotensin)Lisinopril (Zestril)Captopril (Capoten)Enalapril (Vasotec)Fosinopril (Monopril)Moexipril (Univas)Quinapril (Acupril)Ramipril (Altace)

What contains the respiratory system cardiovascular and vasomotor centers?

the section of the brain which contains the centres for cardiac, respiratory and vasomotor action is the medulla oblongata.

Vasomotor instability causes what in menopause?

Hot flashes

Where are cardiac and vasomotor centers in brain?

Medulla Oblongata

what are the vasomotor nerves?

Nerves that concern muscular movement.

Cardiac and vasomotor centers are located where?

The medulla oblongata.

What has the author Lars A Normell written?

Lars A. Normell has written: 'The cutaneous thermoregulatory vasomotor response in healthy subjects and paraplegic men' -- subject(s): Vasomotor system

Does opium thin your blood?

No,opium do thin the blood rather it causes vasodilatation due todirect action decreasing tone of blood vesselshistamine releasedepression of vasomotor center

What is the function of material center in the library?

material center of a library

What is the f1 function?

F1 function isto helpand is the support center

What is the medical term meaning hot flashes?

Vasomotor instability

What division is responsible for vasomotor tone?

Sympathetic nervous system

What is the function of the respiratory center?

its in the respiratory

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