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the funtions of lips in science is to talk sing

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Q: What is the functions of lips in science?
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What is the functions of lips in speech?

The lips contain numerous sensory receptors that are useful for judging the temperature and texture of foods.

What is the functions of political science?

functin of political science

Functions of studying political science?

The functions of political science include striving to create an ideal government. It also functions as the study of and application of theories and observations.

The science of body functions?


Who is the red lips in the rocky horror glee show?

Santana's lips are used in the opening number of 'Science Fiction Double Feature'

What do the lips do?

Lips are used for eating functions, like holding food. In addition, lips serve to close the mouth airtight shut, to hold food and drink inside, and to keep out unwanted objects. Through making a narrow funnel with the lips, the mouth can suck fluids.

The science dealing with functions of the body parts?

anatomy. :)

What functions can science serve that religion cannot?

Science can tell us how things really happened.

How does science tie in the concepts of math?

Most of the laws of science can be represented by mathematical equations or functions.

What are the 5 root functions of science and technology?

i dont know!

What are the functions of computer science education?

to look for the different material

Why study science and technolgy?

In order to learn how the world around your functions.