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The general equation for a neutralization reaction is: Acid + Base ----> Water + Salt. Also shown as HX + YOH ----> H2O + YX.

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What is the general word equation for salt formation by neutralization?

The general word equation for salt formation by neutralization is acid + base.

What is the equation for neutralization reaction?

Acid reacts with base to form salt, water

What is the general for for the simplest type of acid base reaction?

The products of a neutralization reaction are a salt and water.

What is the formula of chemical equation?

For example a neutralization reaction:HCl + NaOH = NaCl + H2O

What is kind of equation is HCl NaOHH2O?

The equation involved is a neutralization reaction. HCl + NaOH -> NaCl + H2O In this reaction, acid and base react to produce a salt.

What is a balanced equation for a neutralization reaction?

H+ + OH- ----> H2O is the basic reaction for neutralization. But this would not be balanced if a diprotic or triprotic acid were used. There is strictly speaking not enough information to answer the question.

What kind of a reaction is a neutralization reaction?

Neutralization is the reaction between an acid and a base.

What is the word equation for aluminium neutralising hydrochloric acid?

It's not a neutralization reaction... It's a redox reaction and the word equation is Al+ HCl gives AlCl3 + H2

What are the products of the following general reaction acid plus base?

The products of neutralization reaction are water and a salt.

What is complete ionic equation for hcl-naoh?

It will be a neutralization reaction and the products will be NaCl and H2O

What is the balanced equation for the reaction of sodium oxide reacting with sulphuric acid?

Na2O + H2SO4 ---> Na2SO4 + H2O This is balanced, and is called a neutralization reaction. All neutralization reactions involve a base, an acid, and have a result of a salt and water.

What are the products from neutralization reaction of sulfuric acid?

The products of a neutralization reaction are a salt and water.

What is key reaction of neutralization?

Neutralization is a reaction between a base and an acid; the product is a salt.

What remains when water is evaporated after a neutralization reaction?

If the water is evaporated after a neutralization reaction, what remains?

What are some examples of a neutralization at home?

If you are talking about a neutralization reaction involving the chemical equation of an acid and a base, then that would be baking soda plus vinegar. Fun, safe, easy.

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