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The main purpose of management network software is to monitor the growth and performance of a business. Some of the top management network software include: FrameFlow, Netcut, and LogMeIn Hamachi.

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2013-07-11 00:11:27
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Q: What is the general purpose of management network software?
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What is the purpose of change management software?

The purpose of change management software is to help with organization. I would suggest checking out the software .

What is a general purpose software?

A software is something that serves for a specific purpose. Software can be of two types Specific or general purpose. A general purpose software is one which is developed for people not for any particular firm. Example of general purpose software are adobe flash, microsoft word, microsoft office etc.

Disadvantages of special purpose application software and general application software?

Disadvantages of general purpose

Reasons for using general purpose software?

: reasons for using general purpose applications software

What is a general-purpose software?

A general purpose software is one which is not specifically designed for a particular user. Example of general purpose software are MS office, MS word etc .

Two advantages of general purpose software?

The two advantages of general purpose software is that it is easy to use and it is compatible with most systems. General purpose software is not limited to specific requirements.

What is customization of the general purpose software?

Type your answer here... Customization of general purpose software is when u buy a general purpose software and change it up a little to fit ur exact needs

What are general purpose software packages?

A general purpose software , as the name suggests is the software that is not developed for a specific user , rather it is developed for general purposes. Example of general purpose software are MS word, MS office , Flash player etc.

Why DBMS is called a general purpose software?

general purpose software is software that is used for general purposes. such as Microsoft word or excel... DBMS or Database management system is also like that,it's the surface application soft of a huge database ornamented in a organized way according to the needs of user. greetings, Shafat.................

Define and compare general purpose and special purpose application software?

By using general purpose software a user can fulfill his or her general needs By using special purpose software a user can fulfill his or her specific needs for which this special purpose software has been designed.

Where can general purpose software be used?

general purpose can be used in word processing

What is general purpose application software?

A software is a set of instruction that instructs a computer to perform a specific task. There are two types of software one is customized software and other is general purpose application software. A general purpose application software is a software that is for general user and not for any specific organization.

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